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Messages to target groups on multiple platforms with marketing automation

Is it possible to easily reach with an offer the people who are most interested in buying? Absolutely. The key to sales success is to guide the user through the entire purchasing process, ending in order completion, with everything happening automatically and generating a greater return on investment. Marketing automation is one of the most effective ways to acquire and maintain customer relationships. How to reach potential customers through multiple communication channels?

Get to know your target audience

Users receive advertising messages from brands through various marketing channels on a daily basis. However, even the most professional campaign won’t be effective unless we reach the right audience. First of all, find out what the target group is and identify the needs of potential customers. Owing to this, it is possible to create tailor-made offers using the most effective communication channels. Switching from mass communication to personalised contact with the audience significantly increases the chance of sales.

Marketing automation enables not only targeting, but also user management and   exact database segmentation. The effectiveness of automation tools is the result of a well-developed strategy, the essence of which is to divide the audience into different groups. Segmentation may be based on the products viewed by a user, website behaviour, level of engagement in advertising activities or the path followed by them in the online store. On that basis, it is possible to create and send appropriate personalised messages to support conversion.

Personalise the content

The data collected about users can be used to run automated advertising campaigns in different communication channels. Marketing automation tools use artificial intelligence and machine learning, allowing for customising messages to each group of customers with specific characteristics. Communication can be done either with push notifications, email marketing, SMS campaigns, and use social media marketing.

It should be borne in mind that the brand must always be present in the marketing channels where the target audience is most active. However, customer paths are not fixed, so the brand needs to monitor user behaviour on an ongoing basis, i.e. how and when they move between channels. What content is worth sharing with potential customers? The very welcome email with the user’s name in it will not produce the expected results. In this case, marketing automation is the cornerstone of a good relationship with the target group. Thanks to automation, we can efficiently send customers the content closely matched to their interests – it can be tutorials, information on a new collection arriving in the store, seasonal sales, or loyalty discounts.

Lead nurturing

The analysis of customer behaviour in different channels allows for effective marketing and sales activities, thus building lead nurturing threads. The lead maturation takes place in several stages, from the unconscious customer, through the interested person, to the customer determined to buy. Proper communication with the audience is crucial at every stage of lead nurturing. They should receive content in selected marketing channels that raises awareness of the need to acquire a new product, the choices and the advantages and benefits of purchasing. However, it is only with the knowledge of the audience’s interests, needs and expectations that we will be able to send valuable messages to users – regardless of the marketing channels selected.

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