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7 ways to create an advertising message that will earn more for your business

In order to create an interesting and above all effective advertising, you need to know the target audience and choose the right way to communicate. Consumer groups differ from each other, so messages need to be tailored individually, but there are several main principles to follow when preparing an advertising message. Here are some of the most important ones.

  1.     Create short and accurate content

When creating an advertising message, we want to convey what the brand has to offer to customers as accurately as possible. However, it should be remembered that an effective message cannot be excessively long – it is better to highlight what is most important in it. A target group points to specific benefits that come from having a product or service. Therefore, it is not worth building too complex messages, but emphasising one main advantage of the product or service.

  1.     Adopt the customer’s point of view

The biggest mistake when creating advertising messages is taking your own perspective regarding the perception of the brand’s offer. It is worth changing your thinking and considering what might be most important for a potential client. The advertising strategy should be based on the preferences, interests, expectations, and lifestyle of the target group. A good idea to use is base segmentation – not all the audience members have the same needs or motivations when choosing the brand’s products or services. Detailed targeting allows for narrowing the target group, and thus creating personalised advertising messages. For this purpose, it is worth using modern marketing automation tools that enable segmentation of the target group and customisation in real time.

  1.     Use simple language

Occasionally, advertising messages adopt industry jargon. However, it may be incomprehensible to the audience. It is worth speaking your customers’ language, emphasising the benefits, without delving into e.g. technical parameters. Simple advertising messages are to encourage the recipient to get acquainted with the offer – then it is worth pointing out the greatest advantages of products or services.

  1.     Use informal language

A good advertising message should be understandable, precise, and legible. In this case, naturalness and informal tone are important. This does not mean a lack of professionalism. It is quite the opposite – thanks to such communication, the brand shows that it knows its target group well and meets the expectations of the audience.

  1.     Emphasise the uniqueness of your offer

USP (unique selling points), i.e., a unique feature of the offer, is a factor that distinguishes a given product or service from the competition. The goal of each advertising message is to reach the target group, encourage them to become familiar with the offer, create a brand image, gain the attention of the audience and build a relationship with them. Customer acquisition (lead generation) should start with creating a consistent message in selected media and attracting the audience’s interest. However, in order for messages to be remembered by consumers, they have to stand out and reach their emotional sphere, attitudes, or aspirations. Advertising has a common goal – to elicit a specific response among the audience. Then it will be easier to remember and will allow for achieving the desired effect. Marketing automation tools are a great way to analyse the effectiveness of marketing activities based on campaign goals.

  1.     Don’t leave any room for speculation

Advertising messages cannot raise doubts as to what the offer is about. In order for the advertisement to be remembered and encouraging to get to know the product or service, the recipient must immediately recognise the message. This does not apply to teaser ads, which are designed to intrigue consumers and attract attention – only then do the recipients find out what the offered product is really about.

  1.     Create humorous content

In order to get attention good messages can be humorous. Consumers do not necessarily have to remember slogans – what also matters is what they feel like when a brand reaches the emotional sphere. It is worth testing various types of advertising messages and optimising campaigns based on the results. Marketing automation tools allow you to create rules and scenarios based on the behaviour and degree of engagement of potential customers.

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