Privacy policy

Privacy policy

PushAd acknowledges the importance of privacy and respects the right to protect personal data of its clients and people visiting the website at The Privacy Policy set below describes which data types are gathered, maintained and how they are used. There is also  information presented below regarding the way to contact us in case of any questions related to personal data.

What data are collected?
Data collected automatically

During the visit at the data sent by the user's browser are collected. This information may include such data as: the IP address, browser type, browser language, operational system type etc.

Data collected when you contact PushAd

When you contact PushAd through the contact form, you may be asked to provide your name, surname, email address and telephone number. We use the information collected through the form only to address enquiries.

How are the data used
The data which are collected automatically may be used only to keep statistics on the PushAd website views.

The data collected through the contact form may be used only to answer the enquiry.
We share personal information with third parties only in the following circumstances:

- In case of Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data (Generalny Inspektor Ochrony Danych Osobowych) control.

- In case PushAd website user commits an infringement of law, on the basis of existing provisions.
- The user consents to sending his/her data.

- During online payments management carried out by a specialised external service

- In the invoicing process within the scope of integration with external software specialised in that issue.

Should you have any additional questions relating to personal data management and their use, please contact us at the address provided below.

Minors’ personal data protection

PushAd does not monitor nor verify information on website users age. Minors should not send any information though the PushAd website without the knowledge and cosent of their parents or caretakers.

How PushAd contacts its clients

In order to respond to a question/enquiry made though the contact form,PushAd Software employee may contact the user through email or by telephone. In order to be able to respond to enquiries, PushAd may keep the correspondence addressed to PushAd.

Changing personal data
In case you want to supplement, change or delete personal data, please contact us at the address given below. We will make every effort to implement such change, however, the data collected automatically and data used for transactions cannot be deleted nor changed.

Using cookies
PushAd website may use cookies, i.e. small text files sent from the Internet user's computer in order to identify the browser. Using cookies enables improving PushAd services quality. Using the cookies technique does not allow retrieving personal data nor confidential information from the user's computer. In order for cookies to work properly it is necessary to accept them through the browser and not to delete them. Deactivating cookies information in the browser may lead to incorrect functioning of the PushAd website.

Data protection
PushAd databases are protected against unauthorised change, use, access, damage or publication of entrusted data. The website does not collect personal data in the meaning of the Law on personal data protection (Ustawa o ochronie danych osobowych).

External websites
PushAd website contains references to other websites, which are not the property of PushAd. We put effort to ensure that the websites recommended by us provide high standard of personal data protection, however, PushAd shall not be held responsible for personal data sent on those websites.

Privacy Policy modification
PushAd reserves the right to modify the Privacy Policy, however, these changes will never limit users' rights. Current Privacy Policy together with the date of its implementation is available on this website, however, the previous versions are available in the Privacy Policy archive. In case of any additional questions regarding the Privacy Policy modification, please contact us at the address stated below.

Cookies policy

  1. The Portal does not collect automatically any information with the exception of information included in the cookies files. PushAd software may collect data on the use and path of the Portal User as well as third party websites' Users using PushAd software.
  2. Cookies files are IT data, especially text files which are kept in the target device of the Portal User and serve to using the Portal’s websites. Generally cookies contain the name of the website of its origin, target device maintenance time and a unique number.
  3. The service placing cookies files on the Portal User’s target device and having access to them is PushAd Software Sp. z o.o., Aleje Jerozolimskie 107, 02-011 Warsaw.
  4. Cookies files are used in order to:
  • - adjust the content of the Portal’s websites to User needs and optimize websites usage; especially, these files allow to identify Portal User's device and properly display a website tailored to his/her needs;

- create statistics which help understand how Portal Users use the websites, which enables improving their structure and content;

- maintain Portal User's session (after having logged in), so that the User does not have to re-enter the login and password on every Portal’s subwebsite.

  1. There are two general types of cookies files used on the Portal: "session cookies" and "persistent cookies". Session cookies are temporary stored in User's target device until he logs off, leaves the website or closes the software (browser). Persistent cookies are stored in User's target device for the period of time established in the cookies files parameters or until the User deletes them.
  2. The Portal uses the following types of cookies:

- "necessary" cookies enabling to use services available on the Portal, e.g. authorising cookies used for services requiring Website requirements;

- cookies used to provide security, e.g. used to detect authorisation infringements on the Portal;

- "performance" cookies that allow collecting information on the way of using Portal’s websites;

- "functional" cookies allowing "saving" settings and User interface personalisation set by the User, e.g. regarding the selected language or User's region of provenance, font size, website appearance etc.;

- "advertisement" cookies allowing delivering advertisement content to Users that are better adjusted to their interests;

- "analytical" cookies allowing for better understanding of the way in which the User interacts with the Portal content. They collect information on the way of using the website, website type from which the User have been directed as well as the number of User's Portal visits and their time. This information does not register specific User personal data, but it serves to design usage statistics of the Website.

  1. The company restricts the possibility of using third party services regarding the design of statistics relating to using Portal’s websites. The company states that upon such case those third parties will not receive access to any data identifying the Users.
  2. Third party cookies may be used in advertisements published on the Website in order to enable analysing the advertisement campaign efficiency. The present Privacy Policy does not regulate the rules of using cookies mechanism by third parties.
  3. In many cases software serving to view websites (browser) by default accepts storing cookies in User's target devices. Portal’s Users may change the settings related to cookies. These settings can be changed especially in such a way, so as to block automatic cookies management in the browser's settings or to inform them about each case of placing cookies on the Portal User's device. Detailed information on the possibility of managing cookies and methods of doing it is available in software (browser) settings.
  4. The Portal operator informs that limits on using cookies may impact some functionalities available on Portal’s websites.
  5. Cookies are placed in Portal User's target device and may be also used by advertisers and partners cooperating with the Portal operator.


PushAd Software Sp. z o.o.
Aleje Jerozolimskie 107
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In case of receiving an official complaint sent to the address given above, PushAd will contact its author in order to address this complaint.