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How to raise awareness on social media?

There are at least a few effective ways to increase brand awareness on social media. Sharing posts on profiles is not enough for the company to gain users’ interest and trust. How to increase social media traffic and engage your audience?

Convert organic traffic on your website into followers

One of the strategies for generating traffic on social media is the use of channels such as a website, newsletter or push notifications. In most cases, we focus on sharing the website content on social media. However, it is also a good idea to redirect users from the website to Facebook or Instagram. It is worth placing a  lightbox window or a banner on the website encouraging users to visit social channels. The moment when the window appears is crucial, e.g. when the user browses the second blog article on the website. If the user shows interest in the site content, there is a good chance of converting them into followers.

Create custom campaigns to increase social media traffic

Building brand awareness can be supported by creating personalised campaigns for users who have come to the website from social media. Marketing automation tools allow you to target your ads at your audience based on where your traffic is coming from. In this case, appropriate segments should be created, e.g. for Instagram and Facebook users. The offer will be presented depending on the source of traffic. After redirection, a box may appear on the website with information about a special discount or free delivery. With the marketing automation tool, we can easily observe and analyse the source of traffic. In order to make promotional activities effective,  the lead nurturing process should cover the audience with an automatic marketing campaign.

Display social feeds on your website

Another strategy for building a social community around the brand is to display social media boxes anywhere on the website. For example, you can post an Instagram feed on your website, so that users will have immediate access to recently published posts. All the recipient has to do is click on the post to be redirected to the company’s profile. It should be borne in mind that multi-channel marketing provides interaction with the customer through various channels that must work seamlessly together for the actions to bring the desired effect.

Carry out a promotional campaign on social media

Social media marketing gives great opportunities to increase user engagement in brand activities. A good way to increase awareness on social media is to organise a promotional campaign in the selected channel. Promoting contest posts can quickly increase interest in your brand and encourage people to like your page – one of the conditions for taking part in a promotional campaign may be to follow your brand profile.

Create a consistent publishing schedule

Customer relationship management is time-consuming and activities must be planned well in advance. In this case, it is crucial to build a good marketing strategy and, of course, be consistent. It is worth creating posts for a whole week or two weeks, scheduling advertising posts, monitoring results on an ongoing basis and optimising campaigns. The advertising message should always be personalised and adapted to the target group.

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