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How to reach a wider audience with a content distribution strategy?

The brand’s marketing strategy should include reaching the target group through various content and communication channels. There are at least a few ways to distribute your content that will help you expand your reach and acquire new audiences. Find out the most important ones.

Adapt to a given channel

The selection of content distribution channels should be preceded by a detailed analysis of the needs of the target group. For example, Y and Z generations will have different preferences regarding the type of content, formats and how they communicate with the brand. Modern tools such as marketing automation will be very helpful in choosing relevant channels. Owing to them, we will be able to determine the most effective places to communicate with the audience, taking into account the traffic and reach of a given medium. Marketing automation tools also allow you to determine where to increase brand activity. Thanks to the automated analysis, we will be able to choose the most converting communication channels with the target group.

Reverse engineering as a benchmark

In order to reach a larger community, you need to check which content best suits the needs of your target audience. Reverse engineering gives you the opportunity to adapt the message to a given segment of recipients. It is worth checking which content is the most popular on social media – you can review the comments under the posts and threads developed by users. On this basis, it is worth creating content, adjusting the message and language of the target group. Such a solution will allow not only to learn about trends, but also to build a bond with fans and followers.

Collaborate with influencers from the sector

A content distribution strategy can also take into account influencers’ actions. Collaboration with opinion leaders will provide interesting content, greater community engagement or reaching various target groups with the message. Influencer  marketing also makes it possible to reach users who are not convinced of the brand or products. The asset of opinion leaders is that they enjoy the trust of recipients, so the brands they recommend get positive feedback. By including links to the brand’s products in their materials, influencers also support the generation of leads.

Leverage content recycling

Content marketing may also involve content recycling. Prepared and published materials can be used in a new way. It is worth taking the most important points from a self-help article and creating an infographic illustrating the issue. Content can have a changed form and be used in various channels of communication with the audience as well. Thanks to refreshed content, we have a chance to build a larger community in a given place. It is a good idea to analyse which blog articles or other materials were the most popular and match them to your channel. Good content brings conversion over the years; however, it needs to be universal or constantly updated. Thanks to marketing automation tools, we will be able to check which materials were the most popular and reuse them for other purposes. Push notifications or newsletters will help us distribute the content.

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