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9 e-commerce marketing strategies that will boost your sales

Online marketing provides online stores with many tools and ways to boost sales. All actions can bring results on many levels, and the increase in conversion is affected by many factors. How to increase sales in the online store? Here are the most effective strategies to implement.

  1. Expand your subscriber list

The more extensive the subscriber base, the more traffic and sales we can generate in the online store. There are plenty of ways to grow the list. It is worth providing the recipient with some value in exchange for signing up to the database, e.g. offer a free ebook, access to discounts, webinar, or other content made available only to subscribers.

  1. Automate your marketing

One of the most effective ways to increase sales in an online store is marketing automation. Probably the biggest problem of marketers are abandoned carts. The marketing automation tool gives you the opportunity to automatically send messages to users who left the site without making a purchase. Depending on the user’s behaviour on the site, messages may contain product recommendations or calls to return to the site. Marketing automation also means greater efficiency and improved customer experience, which has a very big impact on the company’s sales results.

  1. Post reviews in the online store

Potential customers are happy to take into account the opinions of other users when shopping. Social proof is a popular tactic used in online marketing. When reading opinions, reviews or relying on influencers’ opinions, the recipient is more willing to decide on the advertised product. For this reason, it is worth encouraging users to post reviews and comments on the website. Owing to social proof, potential customers trust brands more and engage in its activities. You can also display on the website the number of people who have bought a given product or are interested in it. Opinion management can bring many benefits – from increasing the credibility of the company, through building trust in the brand, to increasing conversions.

  1. Boost sales with push notifications

Push notifications allow for direct interaction with users listed in the subscriber base. It is a perfect solution for promoting blog articles, presenting special offers, discounts, promotions, redirecting customers to product pages or rescuing shopping carts. Web push is a very effective tool that gives the opportunity to segment users, target and personalise advertising messages. With this approach, potential customers can get exactly what they need.

  1. Run contests on social media

Potential customers are very willing to engage in the brand’s activities if they receive some benefit in return. Contests are a great way to engage your audience while helping you generate reach. The conditions for taking part in the competition may include following the brand’s profile, sharing posts, visiting the website, leaving contact details, or encouraging friends to become active. Promotional campaigns will help not only to increase the reach and interest in the brand, but also to generate leads, which in the long run can be transformed into the store’s customers.

  1. Add social channels to your site

Social media marketing allows you to generate traffic on the website through social channels. It is also worth applying a different strategy and redirecting traffic from the website to the brand’s social media profiles. A good solution is not only to share plugins redirecting to Facebook or Instagram in the online store, but also to place social channels on the website, showing recently published posts.

  1. Start a blog

Running a blog is a great way to build your target group’s engagement with your brand. Content marketing is now a mandatory item in the brand’s marketing strategy, generating more traffic to the website and contributing to increased sales. Blog articles can be both of educational and informative nature. Content can be distributed in many different ways, such as push notifications, newsletters or social media.

  1. Use word-of-mouth marketing

Sharing feedback on products or companies has never been so simple and easily accessible. Users are happy to share their opinions on social media or discussion groups. It is worth using this in a subtle way by informing consumers about the advantages and benefits of products or brands. Posting reviews or creating trends is done by opinion leaders on Internet forums, blogs, vlogs, Facebook groups or social profiles. Word-of-mouth marketing is about adding specific information, advice, comparisons or explanations. Owing to this, brand awareness is growing, with the brand being trustworthy and reliable in the eyes of consumers, which in turn translates into an increase in sales. However, remember not to mislead potential customers – the information provided to recipients must be true and reliable.

  1. Use retargeting

Users rarely make purchasing decisions during the first contact with the brand. In order to encourage them to buy, it is worth introducing retargeting consisting in directing advertising messages to people who have visited the online store at least once. Retargeting is aimed at an audience that is not advanced in the purchasing cycle, but has shown some interest. Retargeting most often boils down to targeting display ads to users, encouraging them to return to the website. Campaigns can be launched not only on the Google Display Network, but also on social media.

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