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Lead nurturing

6 ways to make leads bigger and more converting

The lead nurturing process consists of several important steps that are designed to build brand awareness and encourage to take advantage of the company’s offer. There are at least a few ways to generate converting leads and gain customer loyalty. Find out the most important ones.

  1. Reach your existing customers

Loyal customers show great potential – they are responsible for achieving about 20% of sales goals. Persuading regular customers to repurchase is easier than acquiring a new customer, so it’s worth taking every action to keep converting users coming back to the online store. One way to sustain their interest is to implement a marketing automation tool. This allows not only for lead generating and nurturing, but also creating loyalty programs and regular communication. Depending on the business profile, it is possible to encourage an existing customer to come back in a variety of ways, such as discount codes, birthday discounts, or holiday discounts. It is very important to keep in touch with the audience through push notifications or newsletters that strengthen brand awareness in the audience’s minds. Marketing automation tools enable sending personalised content to the right segment of customers based on their level of engagement.

  1. Create new content

Content marketing should be permanently involved in brand marketing strategies. Nothing attracts customers more than appealing graphics, videos presenting products, or guidance content. It should be remembered that they need to be tailored to the audience’s interests and meet their needs. In this case, it is also worth using marketing automation – distributing content using dedicated systems will be yet simpler and more effective. It’s a good idea to look at your current marketing strategy and decide on the actions that best convert or create new content by analysing its effectiveness using A/B testing. The marketing strategy can also involve distribution of new content in the channels that have not been used so far.

  1. Create content with limited availability

Gated content hidden behind a paywall, i.e. accessible only to a limited number of users, can be tangible or intangible. It often comes down to a one-time fee or a temporary paid subscription. However, this is an equally good marketing strategy for easy acquisition of new leads. Users who provide their basic data should receive compelling content that will not be available anywhere else. A potential customer may receive more detailed reports, guides, e-books, or other custom content tailored to their interests. Then the user has a chance to feel unique and treated individually, which largely translates into their loyalty.

  1. Update your social media strategy

Social media marketing allows you to reach a wide network of users who can turn into loyal customers. It’s worth taking a look at one’s current strategy and making sure it contains lead-generating content. Such platforms as Facebook and YouTube can be used to redirect users to your site by running advertising campaigns or providing interesting content, strengthening audience engagement.

  1. Get links back to your website

A good marketing strategy is to post your content or links to it on other websites. These can be branded links that include a brand name, exact match, or text that contains a positioned phrase or navigation links that are placed in a CTA. It should be borne in mind that content needs to be consistent with the other brand’s strategy and bring some added value. First, it’s a good idea to track which pages or blogs the target audience is interested in and provide them with encouraging and engaging content.

  1. Use videos

Another way to generate leads is to arouse the audience’s interest with short videos. It is worth sharing them both on one’s website and social media. Social media marketing in particular has great viral potential – engaging and emotional videos will surely draw users’ attention and encourage sharing. More reactions to a post mean more traffic to your page. Generating leads will be much easier if users positively associate the brand and remember the feelings they had when they first came into contact with the company.

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