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Luck or strategy? 4 keys to profitable sales strategy

There is no selling without good customer relations. This is a basic rule that should be followed when we want to retain a customer for a longer period of time. Traders are “on the front line”; however, many factors and synergy of activities of all company departments contribute to an increase in sales. One of the good solutions to boost sales is the use of modern marketing tools. How to increase the company’s income and meet customers’ needs?

  1.   Email marketing and push notifications

Email marketing and push notifications effectively help improve the customer acquisition process and provide lots of opportunities to monitor audience behaviour at every stage of the sales funnel. These two marketing tools have a lot in common – first of all, they are great for effective segmentation and targeting a customised offer to the audience. They help both acquire and retain a customer. Communication may come down to presenting the brand’s products, but also attracting the audience with interesting how-to and educational content, offering discounts, or free delivery.

A marketing strategy should include these two elements, because the key to success is constantly reminding customers about the company’s offer. However, there are some differences between emails and push notifications. In the case of email communications, there is a risk that the message will end up in spam or that a user does not regularly check the inbox. On the other hand, push notifications are impossible to be missed, because they appear even when the company’s website is closed. Interesting content, closely tailored to the audience, can not only encourage the customer to visit the website again, but also to recover abandoned carts. In addition, push notifications allow for getting leads by encouraging website visitors to return to forms and fill them out.

  1.   Social media marketing

Social media marketing makes it possible to reach users interested or potentially interested in the company’s offer with personalised content. However, in order to be able to monitor audience behaviour in the form of likes, comments or post sharing on an ongoing basis, it is worth using modern marketing tools. One of them is marketing automation, which also applies to email campaigns and push notifications. Thanks to the tools, routine activities are automated and definitely facilitate the work of all marketing departments. The key to sales success is the brand presence in many online channels – marketing automation allows for testing the best solutions and selecting the best converting media. Social media marketing should definitely go hand in hand with email communication or push notifications.

  1.   Sales process automation

Marketing automation activities should become a part of the marketing strategy of every company. Properly planned campaigns conducted with the use of modern tools bring many benefits: increased sales, better data management, improved efficiency of marketing and sales departments, greater scalability and better allocation of the marketing budget. In the marketing world, retention is defined as the company’s ability to retain existing customers. However, this is a much more difficult task than acquiring new ones, so every communication strategy should be well-thought-out, in order to meet the needs of the audience. It is worth making them interested in new products, presenting the possibilities of their usage, educating, offering discounts, or applying other activities aimed at returning to the online store and encouraging them to make repeated purchases. The possibilities are really broad, especially if we implement the marketing automation strategy that helps to effectively manage the customer base.

  1.   Cooperation of all company departments

The main goal of automation is to increase sales, but this will not be possible without a smooth flow of information within the company. Regardless of the size of the company, daily work must be effective, while the division of responsibilities must be clear and transparent. Managing a large amount of audience data can seem like a difficult job, so it is necessary to combine different tools and centralise all the information. Such possibilities are provided by the CRM and marketing automation platform. Then each employee has the tasks assigned and can monitor the progress of the sales process on an ongoing basis. Marketing automation is a powerful tool that will help make better use of the time needed for routine activities, and save the budget by testing the best marketing solutions and the most effective channels.

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