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How to shorten the customer acquisition cycle with marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a revolution in the world of marketing. It provides enormous possibilities of data management and monitoring of audience behaviour at every stage of the sales funnel. Thanks to automation, creating and planning campaigns is much easier, while human work is limited. There are several effective ways to shorten the customer acquisition cycle and speed up the sales process. Here are some of the most important ones.

Automation of activities at the prospecting stage

Marketing automation is a tool that automates the prospecting process, i.e. searching for new customers. It covers a number of activities related to the system sales and marketing activities. It comes down to selecting the audience who can become the company’s customers. The marketing automation tool saves the team a lot of time that employees would have to spend on routine, repetitive tasks. The human factor then comes down to configuring the tool, campaign planning, and individual activities. Thanks to automation, the team can focus on key tasks aimed at   increasing the conversion level in the online store. There is no need to manually segment the audience base or develop marketing campaigns from scratch – marketing automation allows for easy optimising and planning future activities.

Accelerated offer creation process

The key to sales success is sending customised offers to the appropriate audience segment. Customers need to feel well cared for and expect quick solutions, regardless of the situation. Each contact of the consumer with the product creates certain experiences, the sum of which influences buying decisions. Customer experience management is a process that starts with getting to know the needs, expectations and motivations of potential customers – all in order to be able to present a personalised offer. Thanks to marketing automation, it is possible to segment the subscriber base and efficiently communicate with the selected audience using push notifications, email marketing, or social media marketing. The marketing automation tool allows for quick creation of messages based on the most effective templates and analysing the reaction to the content sent.

Maintaining and strengthening relationships with existing customers

Good relationships with customers are the basis of successful sales. The audience expects constant communication from brands, provided that the content will be tailored to their needs and will be able to derive tangible benefits from the purchase. Marketing automation enables tracking which customer approach brings best results or which products or services provide customers with the greatest benefits. Moreover, owing to suitable communication it is possible to raise customer satisfaction level and make him or her loyal. The audience often gets used to brands, so it is worth using this aspect and keep maintaining the contact, while offering extra benefits.

Tracking progress and refining the strategy

The marketing automation tool allows for easy tracking the progress of all marketing activities, as well as optimising the campaign and testing the most effective solutions. The analysis of the obtained data will help to understand whether the strategy should be modified and which communication channel is the most effective. Therefore, we can take appropriate steps towards effective sales and prioritise marketing activities so as to get the best ROI. The marketing strategy relying on marketing automation can quickly generate higher sales, accelerating the entire cycle of customer acquisition.

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