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8 pieces of hard data that will convince you to marketing automation

Marketing automation is no longer something new to the market, but still many companies do not take it into account in their marketing strategies. Marketing automation tools offer many functionalities that can be successfully used by any company. Here are a handful of statistics that support the effectiveness of automation.

  1. Thanks to marketing automation, companies increase sales by 32%

Marketing automation systems enable marketing activities of various sophistication levels. They offer many functionalities, thanks to which marketers are able to increase the conversion and, consequently, also the company’s financial results. As revealed by research carried out by Marketo, businesses that fully automated their operations achieved on average 32% more revenue compared with companies that did not introduce marketing automation into their marketing strategies.

  1. 78% of marketers refer to marketing automation as the main reason for revenue growth

According to a report by Lenskold Group, a global marketing consultancy, 78% of companies declare that marketing automation contributes greatly to the company’s growing revenue. Conversion is one of the indicators and a measure of the success of marketing activities, while marketing automation allows for evaluating the effectiveness of executed campaigns. Automation tools help for instance to recover abandoned shopping carts with personalised marketing campaigns.

  1. 71% of companies use automation of marketing activities

Marketing automation is not only a trend in the world of marketing, but a powerful tool that gives the opportunity to increase the company’s revenue by up to dozens of percent. Automation of marketing activities is therefore an important element of the strategy that will pay off in the future. According to research by Ascend2, 71% of companies use systems to automate marketing, while 23% of businesses intend to implement them in the future.

  1. 57% of companies claim that marketing automation is worth the costs incurred

The marketing strategy assumes achieving tangible benefits of the planned activities, but marketers have a limited budget for marketing campaigns, which involves choosing the most effective tools. Marketing automation systems help getting the best ROI. As shown by a survey conducted by VentureBeat, 57% of companies believe that marketing automation tools are not expensive or worth the cost.

  1. Employees who use marketing automation systems increase their productivity by 14.5%

Tools for automating marketing activities do not replace human work, but definitely improve tedious daily tasks – marketing automation saves not only time, but also efforts. According to surveys carried out by Nucleus Research, automation can increase employee productivity by 14.5%, while reducing marketing costs by more than 12%.

  1. 78% of marketers are up to date with the latest tech breakthroughs in the marketing automation industry

Marketers should follow market news and emerging technologies that increase the company’s revenue regardless of the industry they operate in. Based on a survey conducted by and Circle Research, 78% of marketers said they were always up to date with the latest technological developments in marketing automation.

  1. 63% of companies outrun their competitors thanks to marketing automation

According to Lenskold’s research, respondents believe that implementing and configuring marketing automation tools is not a simple task. At the same time, after mastering the system, 63% of companies see real benefits in the form of increased revenues and, consequently, they gain a competitive advantage in the market.

  1. For 74% of companies, time-saving is the biggest benefit of marketing automation

Marketing automation saves time and energy that can be spent on other areas of daily activities, as some of the duties are automated. This allows companies to focus on more important tasks that require lots of commitment and creativity.

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