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Bricks and clicks, i.e. multichannel distribution. What is this about?

Bricks and clicks is an increasingly popular sales model that is used primarily by large enterprises focused on developing and building a strong brand. The company’s presence in multiple channels is the requirement of our times owing to constantly growing needs and expectations of consumers. What is bricks and clicks really about and what benefits […]

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CPC, CPM, CPL, CPA, CPS – basic marketing terms

In the world of marketing there are several methods of charging for online advertising. Their choice depends, among others, on the goal we want to achieve and type of marketing campaign. These can include brand awareness goals, reach goals, or sales goals. Costs may be charged for clicking on an ad, displaying it, taking an […]

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How to automate on-site work and increase website traffic?

Taking actions related to the website automation translates into its greater efficiency and generation of conversions. In order to increase traffic on the site, one should start with obtaining information about users and their behaviour. The marketing automation tool allows not only to identify potential customers, but also to provide them with customised content according […]

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How to recover abandoned carts with marketing automation tools?

The marketing automation tool shows a huge sales potential, but the functions alone will not replace an idea to encourage the user to return to the website and complete the transaction. The process of recovering abandoned carts requires different scenarios based on real user behaviours. How to encourage a potential customer to come back to […]

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Sales analysis – how to do it by means of marketing automation?

Marketing automation tools give the opportunity to customise messages based on user behaviour on the website, as well as analyse the effectiveness of one’s activities. With marketing automation, it is possible to acquire valuable data regarding current and potential customers, and then use it for future marketing activities. User behaviour monitoring The main objective of […]

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