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Lead nurturing

6 ways to make leads bigger and more converting

The lead nurturing process consists of several important steps that are designed to build brand awareness and encourage to take advantage of the company’s offer. There are at least a few ways to generate converting leads and gain customer loyalty. Find out the most important ones. Reach your existing customers Loyal customers show great potential […]

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8 pieces of hard data that will convince you to marketing automation

Marketing automation is no longer something new to the market, but still many companies do not take it into account in their marketing strategies. Marketing automation tools offer many functionalities that can be successfully used by any company. Here are a handful of statistics that support the effectiveness of automation. Thanks to marketing automation, companies […]

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Jak skuteczniej zdobywać klientów!

Lead scoring guide: learn how to acquire customers better!

Customers are the most important link in all business processes, so all marketing activities must rely on their expectations, needs, and individual preferences. To identify the most valuable customers, it is worth using the lead scoring method, which makes it possible to turn “cold” leads into loyal customers. Learn about your customers’ motivations Today, consumers […]

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Marketing Automation dla zatrzymania klientów

Marketing Automation for customer retention: keep them coming back

Acquiring a new customer is five times more expensive than maintaining an existing one. Moreover, from a statistical point of view, there is a tremendous 60-70% chance of selling to an existing customer. Therefore, it is worth allocating a greater part of the budget to activities to keep customers with a higher retention rate. How […]

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zwiększenie przychodów z pomocą marketing automation

7 ways to increase revenue with marketing automation

Recently, marketing automation has become a hot trend in the e-commerce sector. However, not all companies make the most of the system’s potential that can effectively contribute to their sales growth. How to really increase the number of conversions in the online store? Recover abandoned carts with automation On average, 3 out of 4 people […]

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