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User segmentation in PushAd

A complete audience database is probably the most valuable collection of data for any company. Segmentation is one of the basic functions of marketing automation. It allows, among others, for targeting advertising messages, enabling their customisation, and thus – increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. What are the segmentation criteria and how to segment the […]

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How to achieve scalable growth with growth hacking and marketing automation?

Even small businesses with a tight budget can quickly see an increase in income and brand recognition. Marketing automation and growth hacking will help here. Why can both solutions be a straightforward path to the company’s success? What is growth hacking? Growth hacking has one goal, which is to generate the greatest possible growth for […]

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9 Marketing Automation tricks that every company should use

Currently, traditional lead generation may not bring the expected results. One of the best ways to attract new customers is to use growth hacking techniques, which will more effectively and quickly bring interested customers right down the sales funnel. Discover 9 creative ways to increase your sales.     Create sequences of hyper-targeted content To […]

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What to automate? 43 ideas to improve your marketing

Marketing automation systems can effectively automate company’s key marketing and sales activities, saving time, reducing human error, improving efficiency and, above all, increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. How to use marketing automation in business?     Instant confirmation of customer queries Customers expect from companies immediate responses to their enquiries, so it is a […]

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How to improve customer experience and reduce costs with marketing automation?

Marketing automation not only automates the company’s sales activities, but also builds engaging relationships with potential and existing customers. This is a prolonged process that requires a well-thought-out strategy, but can produce satisfactory sales results in the long run.     Managing a user’s shopping path Users make use of different devices to communicate with […]

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