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How to write good heads-up messages? A copywriter’s guide

The first message that the user receives after contact with the brand makes some impressions. They can be positive if the recipient feels cared for and treated individually. How to write good heads-up messages to improve the user experience with the brand?

Invite users to upcoming events based on the pages they visit

Thanks to marketing automation systems, you can send customised messages to selected users who have visited a specific website. One example is inviting your audience to a webinar. When creating a message, the title should be intriguing and encourage you to click on the notification, e.g. “Free webinar! Find out how to generate 5x more leads”. The content should be visible and encourage to click on the CTA. After being redirected to the landing page, it is worth posting a specific description of the webinar, which will show the subject and benefits for the participant.

Special discounts for visitors based on a specific URL

The marketing automation tool gives you the opportunity to target unique messages to people who have viewed a given URL. Push notifications can be sent only to potential customers who have viewed in the store, for example, a given category of products. Then discounts and rebates will go to people most interested in the offer. The message should be short and concise, including the amount of the discount and the category that the user viewed.

Create personalized welcome presentations of your product

One of the reasons for the outflow of customers is the incomprehensibility of features, applications, or characteristics of the product. The solution is a series of onboarding messages that will explain to the recipient what product they are dealing with. There are many possibilities to implement this process. Heads-up messages can be sent using push notifications. The user should receive a personalised message with a link to the article that will answer their doubts.

Schedule meetings for your sales team

The marketing automation tool enables not only efficient communication with potential and existing customers, but also team work management and meeting scheduling. The tool allows you to send customised notifications only to specific recipients. Messages should clearly and concisely inform about the purpose of the meeting and the topics discussed.

Personally invite users to subscribe to your blog

Messages to users should be personal and customised. Dry information will certainly not be encouraging. A better option for a blogger is to address users as if they were talking to each reader individually.

Invite users to subscribe to the newsletter and recurring events

Visitors to a given website are certainly interested in the subject matter. Heads-up messages should not be impersonal. Instead of asking “Do you want to join the group of subscribers” it is better to display a small pop-up on the page with the content “I can see that you are interested in this article. Subscribe to the newsletter and receive more similar content!”

Get real-time feedback

Marketing automation allows you to preview who visits the website in real time, which subpages the user is viewing and what products they are interested in. In this way, we can obtain more information about the target group and adapt the content to its needs.

Engage the user from the outset

Before the user leaves the website, it is worth encouraging him or her to interact, e.g. by using a chat. Thanks to this solution, the potential customer will not have to search the site trying to find answers to any questions. You can automate the chat by enabling the option of asking a sequence of short questions or redirect the user to a real consultant.

Encourage people to interact

By asking users about their experience in contact with a website or online store, we will get a lot of valuable information about the expectations and needs of the audience. Thanks to the marketing automation tool, you can communicate with users in real time and encourage them to comment, share posts, or leave some feedback. More engaged users mean more leads that can become customers.

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