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How to (automatically) improve the customer experience?

Regardless of the marketing activities undertaken, it is the moment of purchase that verifies the effectiveness of the entire process. Shopping Experience is the whole of impressions and customer experience in contact with the product in the online store. How to improve the consumers’ feelings towards the brand and make them loyal customers?

Get to know the purchasing needs of the target group

The marketing automation tool allows you to plan communication with the audience using pre-established scenarios, i.e. automation paths containing various events or actions. For example, if a subscriber clicked on a link to a page or filled out a form, they can be assigned the tag “engaged.” An automation cycle creation relies on planning activities based on various user behaviours on the site. It is worth allocating them scoring points for performing a specific action. Thanks to this, it is possible to recognize the most engaged subscribers and conduct personalised communication.

Listen to your customers

The best way to cultivate a relationship with your audience is to listen to what they have to say. Consumers are happy to share opinions or experiences in contact with the brand, so it is worth encouraging them to comment or share reviews. Good recommendations are a showcase of any company; however, it may happen that customers are not satisfied with the purchasing process or the product received. This does not mean a crisis for the brand. It is enough to apologize for the situation, solve the problem, and try to compensate for the inconvenience. Then the brand can even gain in the eyes of consumers, because it will prove that it listens to what they have to say and really wants to help in an unfavourable situation.

Encourage users to visit your online store

PushAd’s marketing automation tool makes it possible to establish relationships with the audience, but also perfectly supports sales activities. It is worth monitoring the behaviour of users on the site, and after leaving the site, encourage them to return by means of push notifications. It is a good idea to offer a discount voucher, free delivery, or nice gift packaging. To evoke positive associations with the brand, it is worth providing the customer with an additional benefit.

Focus on the broader context

In the sales process, we pay much more attention to micro-periods, i.e. single events during which customers shape their opinions and make decisions. However, when planning communication, it is also worth focusing on the context. For example, on the occasion of Black Friday, you can provide your audience with guide articles on planning purchases. The marketing automation tool allows you to send personalised messages to specific recipients manifesting purchase intentions.

Prevent potential difficulties

Every brand should learn from its own or someone else’s mistakes. Probably the hottest period of the whole year is December, when we do Christmas shopping (often at the last minute). In order to avoid possible problems with the receipt of products before Christmas, it is worth informing customers about the terms of delivery. Thanks to marketing automation tools, an online store can send personalised messages to recipients about guaranteed delivery before Christmas, e.g. if they place an order by December 20.

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