• 10x higher conversion than other sources.

  • Get back as much as 6% of abandoned carts.

  • Switch on machine learning, increase profits.

  • Stop wasting time on manual segmentation.

  • Use WebPush, earn more.

PushAd is a tool for increasing sales.
Copy one line of code and see effects within 24 hours.

Instant integration zone.

Pushad works instantly on most popular platforms including:

  • T-Mobile
  • Skoda
    Small Planet
  • cgm

The highest conversion rate in the media!

No matter if your site is a blog, online shop or an information website. Thanks to PushAd your clients, users or readers will never miss any important information.

  • Average delivered messages CTR amounts to 21,8%.
  • Over 12% users subscribe to receive notifications.
  • PushAd is supported by Chrome, Firefox and Safari on desktops and mobile devices with Android, covering over 74% of Internet users in Poland.
Push notifications on the website

The most wanted application functionality is already available for websites!

If you ask web developers what mobile functionality they miss the most, the most frequent reponse is sending notifications and constantly engaging customers. It is easy to guess why. Push notifications enable users to subscribe fast and be up to date with your website's content and they enable you to engage potential customers effectively with content tailored to their needs.

  • You decide if you want to wait for the potential client to wander into your website and discover your new product or you prefer to send him a notification directly into his computer, telephone or tablet.
  • You can engage users whenever you want instead of waiting for them to notice or discover your ad.
  • Remember that thanks to PushAd you have access to your website's visitors even when they have already left it.

We regain abandoned carts!

Do you have a high ratio of abandoned carts? Thanks to PushAd and push notifications you may send call-to-actions targeting specific cart abandoned by the user.

  • 6.1 % of push notifications with the link to the abandoned cart and a discount voucher results in a purchase. Not much?
  • Over 29 % of Internet buyers make purchases under sudden impulse.
restoration of abandoned shopping carts

See what PushAd offers you!

PushAd is a tool for creating  a database of potential customers who want to be informed on products, promotional campaigns and updates on your website. Our tool will enable you to send them push notifications - clickable popups sent in real time that are displayed on the computer, telephone or tablet screens of your website's users when they have left it or they have even closed the browser. Using our application you can:

  • Send messages without the need to gather e-mail addresses or telephone numbers from potential customers.
  • Create a database indicating precisely your users' preferences and interests.
  • Create messages encouraging to subscribe and verify which of them are the most effective.
  • Check and determine the most effective messages delivery time in order to achieve the highest CTR.
  • Keep up to date with the number of subscribers.
  • Group users of the same preferences and send them notifications.

Launch PushAd with one script in just a few seconds.

Pushad works instantly on most popular platforms including:

How notifications influence your business

This is Mark. Mark has been running an ecommerce business for 4 years. Recently he has noticed that despite high advertisement expenditure and gaining much traffic, his business is growing slower. He discovered that approx. 25% of users go trough his website evidently interested, but they never return. It is as if he has been loosing 1/4 of his advertisement budget. Mark understood that he had to change it. He decided to use Push Notifications, thanks to which he can reattract users to his website. He informs them about promotions and events awaited by them. He already has a base of over 25 000 interested customers and he gains new ones all the time. Did you know that Mark's investment in PushAd had already supported itself in the first week following its launching? If you want to create customers database and send push notifications to the screens of their computers, telephones or tablets - try PushAd!

What you get

Opinions of our customers

Hundreds of smaller and bigger companies benefit from using our technology.
See the opinions of a few of them:

PushAd changed my approach to attracting users to my website. Thanks to notifications I can send messages, e.g. on new items, to a large number of customers. My readers subscribe eagerly to receive notifications.

Job Coaching, Ewa Kawecka

We receive positive feedback on notifications from our customers. They are pleased and we sell more. We really appreciate the opportunity of reaching a large group of customers in a moment.

Exim Tours, Monika Hajduk

We have been positively surprised with the subscription and CTR levels. Notifications convert well in our business.

Krebs Method, Kamil Świątek

Push Notifications are a hot issue

PushAd has been providing its technology in Poland only for several month. Despite such short time, our customers are very pleased with the cooperation effects. We build their advantage in the Internet together.


The map presents the gap between Poland and the USA where tens of millions of notifications are being sent each day.

PushAd Features

PushAd is a verified and effective tool to create a database of customers (subscribers) and send them push notifications.

Notifications wizard

Create your own notifications with a unique logo, subject and theme linking to any URL address.

Desktop & mobile browsers

Notifications are supported in Chrome, Firefox and Safari (coverage of 74.3% of users).

Clear dashboard

Review of the campaign effectiveness, subscribers number and messages that has been sent.

PushAd push notification app

Regaining abandoned carts

Send web push notifications with a direct link to the abandoned carts or forms.

A/B tests

Test your ideas. Compare the efficiency of subscription notifications and banners.

Ready solutions

Proved, effective and ready solution. Simple to launch.