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How to increase sales using marketing automation?

Currently, marketing automation is a standard in the world of e-commerce. The use of automation gives great opportunities to establish and maintain contact with recipients, generate traffic on the website and, of course, increase sales. How to use a marketing automation tool and turn users into loyal customers?

Rescuing abandoned carts

Abandoned carts mean lost sales opportunities, so it is a good solution that will encourage users to place an order. One of the ways to save shopping carts is PushAd’s marketing automation tool. Thanks to automation, the user can receive personalized messages with a reminder about an unfinished order. It is also worth offering an additional benefit that will encourage you to return to the site, e.g. free delivery or a special discount.

Segmentation and personalization

Thanks to the segmentation of the database in the marketing automation tool, we have the ability to send personalized messages to recipients, offering exactly what they need. Segmentation can be based on user behavior on the website, actions taken or purchase intentions. A higher level of personalization of communication with the customer can be provided by dynamic content, which in turn increases the chance of sales. In this case, it is worth using the cross selling and up selling strategy. The first of them boils down to offering the customer complementary products – by adding pants to the shopping cart, you can offer an additional strap. On the other hand, up selling consists in increasing the value of the basket by offering, for example, a product with better parameters.

Support during the purchasing process

The marketing automation tool enables the implementation of information and educational campaigns addressed to customers potentially interested in purchasing. The lead nurturing process is designed to prepare users to finalize the order by providing cyclical, predefined notifications. Thanks to automated messages, it is possible to maintain contact with a potential customer, educate, deliver benefits so that at the final stage he is determined to buy. Potential customers are categorized and analyzed for engagement, allowing you to send personalized messages at every stage of the purchasing process.

Notifications about discounts and promotions

Information about a sale or the introduction of a new collection cannot appear only in the online store. It is necessary to inform users through several communication channels, e.g. e-mails or push notifications. If a potential customer encouraged by the promotion enters the website, adds products to the cart, and still does not make a purchase, it is worth providing him with a dynamic notification, e.g. “Your favorite products are still waiting for you”, “Last chance for a discount” or “There is only 1 piece of your favorite product left”. The news uses the principle of urgency – if I do not make an order now, I will lose the chance for a favorable discount.

A similar function is performed by notifications about changes in the price of a product. The marketing automation system can monitor the user’s interest in a specific product that he has viewed several times, but has not completed the transaction. A decrease in the price of a product can effectively encourage the user to make a purchase. In this case, we inform the potential customer about the percentage of the discount or what amount they can save.

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