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How to add push notifications to your WordPress blog?

Web push notifications are an effective channel for communication with readers, owing to which they will not miss any important content. Find out how to add web push communications to your blog and why it is worth it. Push ads, i.e. push notifications displayed as small windows, are not a temporary trend. On the contrary, […]

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What to do when web push notifications don’t work on my website?

Web push notifications allow websites and online shops for sending notifications about current offering, special offers, as well as content that could be of interest to a target group. However, these are not the only circumstances web push can be applied in. It happens that web push notifications don’t work if they are incorrectly configured. […]

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Push messages – how to use them creatively?

Web push messages are a relatively young communication channel. Sometimes they are compared to newsletters; however, push notifications have an undisputed advantage – they can engage users in real time. Besides recovering abandoned carts or increasing website traffic they can be used in a more creative way. Here’s how: Cross-selling Cross-selling is a very popular […]

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Push messages – how to prepare them?

In times of huge competition among companies offering their services online it is advisable to use modern marketing tools. Push notifications are an ideal support of sales activities, as they give an opportunity to maintain contact with potential customers. What makes push notifications stand out and how to create them? What features do they show? […]

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What can you promote using push ads?

Web push notifications are short messages displayed on a computer or mobile device screen. Owing to them we can quickly and efficiently reach users even after they have left the website. Voluntary consent to have advertisement displayed is much more acceptable for potential clients than all sorts of banners visible on websites. What can be […]

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