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What can and should not be communicated in a push message? A copywriter’s guide

The content of push messages should not only be persuasive and attractive to a recipient. There are several other guidelines that will help you succeed when creating campaigns. What to include in a notification? Words have a huge potential, but how to convey all the meaning of the message and benefits in 150 characters? Creating […]

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What advertising tools can be used in a mobile channel campaign?

Mobile channel campaigns are becoming more and more popular and – most importantly – effective. What tools are worth using to gain a competitive advantage? A mobile channel is a medium available at one’s fingertips. We often part with our phones only when we go to bed. Therefore, mobile is an excellent advertising medium that […]

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How to protect oneself from phishing, or how to distinguish between good and bad notification “bells”?

Phishing is the most popular and dangerous way of personal data stealing. However, one can protect oneself from it. How not to fall for a fake “bell” in push notifications? Push notifications are a useful tool that allows recipients to be constantly up to date with offers, news, or novelties. They have gained popularity in […]

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Advertising trends for 2020 – how will the marketing industry surprise us?

What advertising trends will be ruling in 2020? Which of them are worth implementing to give the brand a competitive advantage? Here are our suggestions! It is high time to start preparing for trends in the world of marketing and experimenting with them. All of them have a common denominator, namely an innovative and customised […]

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Electronic payments and web push notifications

Push notifications provide banking application clients with even greater possibilities.                        Find out why it is worth using them! Thanks to new technologies, such as electronic payments, one can perform operations easier and faster. This also applies to banking and any operations carried out using […]

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