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What is conversion rate and how to increase it?

Do you wonder what the conversion rate is and how to make your advertising activities even more effective? Here is our advice! The conversion rate is one of the most important indicators in the e-commerce industry. The higher it is, the more effective marketing activities. By optimising this indicator, it is possible to reduce the […]

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How is ATL different from BTL? Which forms of marketing strategy are worth pursuing in advertising campaigns? Check it out! ATL and BTL refer to the media used to make a message reach a recipient. The development of new technologies makes the differences between the two forms of marketing strategy blur. What ATL and BTL […]

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How to create successful marketing strategies?

A marketing strategy is the most important component of promotional activities, as it sets out a direction for enterprise development. Being aware of where the brand heads to significantly facilitates conducting marketing activities and their analysis. What to consider when planning a marketing strategy? Goal is not a marketing strategy We should not confuse the […]

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What is Internet monitoring?

Do you wonder what Internet monitoring is and how to use it in marketing activities? Does it give an opportunity to generate leads? Check it out! Currently, Internet users share family and animal photos, thoughts and even personal documents online, particularly through social media. However, what is more important for marketers, they also share with […]

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How to start promotion online?

Do you wonder how to advertise your business on the internet? Find out effective forms of promotion which will help you achieve your goals! In today’s world everyone who runs a business should take care of attractive website and obviously online advertising. Despite appearances, promotion doesn’t have to be very costly. It is enough to […]

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