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Electronic payments and web push notifications

Push notifications provide banking application clients with even greater possibilities.                       

Find out why it is worth using them!

Thanks to new technologies, such as electronic payments, one can perform operations easier and faster. This also applies to banking and any operations carried out using a smartphone. Banks are constantly improving security and offering ever better methods of authorising banking operations.

Data security

Along with development of mobile banking, crimes involving access to personal data and money have emerged. Phishing is probably the most popular method used by hackers, consisting in a criminal pretending to be the bank to obtain specific information. Credibility of the application should be checked already at the stage of downloading. Outdated software also gives criminals a lot of room for manoeuvre. Unfortunately, if someone loses their phone, they can easily lose money from their bank account.

Authorisation in mobile banking

Most mobile banking applications offer a method of authorising operations by means of a text message with a password or one-time codes. Along with development of new technologies, a possibility of authenticating and confirming transactions using push notifications has occurred. This innovative solution allows for higher level of security. When performing operations on a bank account, a push notification is received on the mobile phone, which makes it possible to authorise or cancel the transaction.

Notifications of account operations

Push notifications are an additional function that allows for informing customers about the most important events on the account. This is definitely a non-intrusive form of communication with recipients, because they can decide themselves what the bank will inform them about. Events refer, among others, to outgoing, incoming and card operations. In addition, bank customers can be notified of upcoming payments and special occasions. Push notifications in applications or browser-based web push notification allow for proactive communication with customers, while maintaining neutral and non-intrusive message.

Push notification in applications and web push notification as a marketing tool

Both push notifications in applications and web push notification have many advantages, one of them being a possibility to customise messages, which in turn translates into effectiveness of marketing activities. In the case of pushes in applications, notifications will be displayed even if the application is not running. All the information about promotions will be sent directly to users of mobile devices. Web push notification is a completely different technology based not on applications, but on web browsers.

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