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InPost changes the way of communication with customers

InPost has created an application that gives its customers even more protection against phishing. Find out the most important functionalities of InPost Mobile!

Parcel machines probably need no introduction. The InPost company keeps on expanding its infrastructure. In 2019, there are more parcel machines than Poczta Polska post offices! As is true for all logistics operators, InPost also faces the problem of money extortion or acquiring sensitive customer data. However, the company has solved this problem using an intuitive application.

Parcel surcharge?

Until now, InPost has been sending its customers messages with a shipment status. However, a recipient has never received from the company a text message informing about the need to pay extra for a parcel, especially via external links. By clicking on the given link, the unaware recipient was redirected to a fake website. This way, hackers could easily obtain bank account numbers or other sensitive data. Mass attack attempts forced InPost to make a decision to completely disable SMS notifications, while offering a convenient and intuitive solution, namely a mobile application.

InPost Mobile

The operator has launched the InPost Mobile application, which is intended to provide its customers with greater protection and streamline the process of collecting parcels. It is the safest way to protect customers’ personal data, which fully prevents from unauthorised access to orders. The application notifies, among others, about a change to the parcel status and reminds about the receipt of the package. In addition, InPost Mobile provides a map with the nearest parcel machines and Parcel Collection Points. By using the localisation data from the phone’s GPS, one can easily check how to get to a given parcel machine. In addition, the application will show the parcel’s route to the parcel machine.

The application has a pickup code or a dedicated QR code, which makes collecting packages even faster. The start screen shows information about all parcels assigned to a given phone number, and the list of packages is automatically created in the panel. These are extremely convenient and useful functions that allow a user to manage InPost packages. The free application is available on Android and iOS.

Web push notification vs push in mobile applications

InPost Mobile has one more useful function, i.e. push notifications, thanks to which we do not have to remember about every package. Notifications will be displayed after any change to the shipment status. When being near the parcel machine, a user will see a message on their phone’s screen regarding the possibility of collecting the parcel. A special geofencing service works even when we are not logged in to the application.

There are two types of notifications on mobile devices: application and web pushes (web push notifications).The former are delivered only on phones via the application installed on the device, while the latter are available both on desktops and Android phones (unfortunately, iPhone does not support web push notifications) and are delivered via web browser.

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