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Push notifications – how can they make customer’s life easier?

Are you planning a campaign using push notifications? Bet on customisation and check what benefits your client will get!

Push notifications are an excellent tool for companies that want to build a long-term relationship with customers or encourage new recipients to visit their websites. However, not only companies benefit greatly from sending notifications. Internet users are increasingly demanding and want to receive valuable and personalised content. Notifications are able to provide all the above. Why else do customers like receiving notifications?

Saving time

From a subscriber’s perspective, push notifications let them save time. There is no need to visit favourite websites or check an email box waiting for valuable content. This is particularly crucial if a recipient wants to track the most important information from various websites.

A window appearing on the screen encourages a user to click – in this case the impression of urgency works. However, the message should be short and encouraging. It should briefly describe the subject of the article or the online store offer and include an inviting call-to-action. Thanks to notifications, every marketer can check which messages are the most effective and determine the most efficient time of sending them.

Interesting content always at hand

Sale of collection in an online store? Industry news? Or maybe some attractive discounts? Recipients like receiving notifications that are useful and profitable for them. In the end, they can save money or be up to date with information appearing on their favourite website. Notifications are tailored to the needs of people who want to receive messages in real time. This applies, for example, to sports – changes in the composition of the team, a red card shown to a player or the current result of the game.

These are only some of the possibilities offered by push notifications. Following the blow, sports clubs have the opportunity to maintain constant contact and strengthen relationships with fans. Notifications not only inform about the current match result, but also provide attractive offers and discounts from companies supporting the club. Hence, this is an added value for both advertisers and subscribers.

No more spam

Push notifications are spam free. This does not require recipients to go beyond their “comfort zone” – if they want to receive valuable content, they do not have to look into their email box. Messages appear even after the website has been closed. If messages are personalised, they become a very pleasant and expected form of contact from brands. When subscribing to notifications, a recipient does not need to provide an email address, telephone number or other sensitive data. Push notifications use only web browser information and identify the subscriber on its basis.

From time to time probably everyone receives an email with information asking for consent to have an offer sent by email. We often treat this as spam and ignore the information. Such messages can simply be unwanted. A dozen or even dozens of emails a day can create real chaos in one’s inbox. In this situation, the user does not have time to read every message and simply deletes them. The conclusion is simple – Internet users prefer to determine on their own what information they want to receive. It is push notifications that provide this opportunity.

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