How to add push notifications to your WordPress blog?

How to add push notifications to your WordPress blog?

Web push notifications are an effective channel for communication with readers, owing to which they will not miss any important content. Find out how to add web push communications to your blog and why it is worth it.

Push ads, i.e. push notifications displayed as small windows, are not a temporary trend. On the contrary, marketers have noticed an immense potential of effective communication with a web user. Notifications work well not only in the e-commerce industry. More and more bloggers use these small messages, informing of new entries and events. Why is it worth adding notifications to your blog? How to implement them correctly?

Why is it worth using push notifications?

Building relations with a recipient is crucial for marketing activities on the web. Newsletters informing of a new blog entry are some of frequently used channels of communication with a subscriber. However, they have some disadvantages, such as risk of getting into SPAM folder and time consumption. An email requires an eye-catching creation and knowing specific rules that will ensure correct display of message to users.
Newsletters have to face serious competition from web push notifications which communicate with a recipient in real time. By following a user’s track and analysing the content of interest to them, we can send them notification about a new entry anytime – even when they leave a blog site. Traffic generated from push notifications allows to transform users into active readers or customers. Why is it worth adding push ads to your website? Naturally because of mutual benefits. A reader will be always up-to-date with new blog entries, while we have a chance to quickly develop a valuable subscribers’ base. This is a particularly good solution for blogs which regularly post new entries and websites publishing the most recent information – time matters in this case.

How to launch web push on the website?

Despite appearances, integrating push notifications with a WordPress website is nothing complicated. First of all, one needs to create an account on the PushAd website, providing an email, telephone number and company’s name (an individual can also create an account). In order to add push ad notifications to a website, it is necessary to set a subdomain (e.g. [myblog].push-ad.com). The next step involves just copying a code included in the “integration code” tab and placing it on the blog website using Google Tag Manager. It is also possible to implement the code on the website manually, adding it to the HEAD section of the website template. It is important to place the PushAd code on all blog subpages.

If we don’t want to include the [myblog].push-ad.com in web push notifications, one should use the https integration. In this case, besides the integration code, it is necessary to download two integration files and place them in the main server catalogue. Owing to this method, the user record is more efficient and when sending notifications only your blog address will appear.

Key PushAd functions

After adding push notifications to a WordPress blog, it is possible to start creating notifications, testing your ideas and comparing effectiveness of messages. There is no need to use software engineer or developer services. Owing to the builder, the PushAd tool gives a chance to make an own attractive creation and use ready-made and efficient solutions.


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