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How do push notifications work on mobile phones?

Are you planning a campaign with the use of push notifications? Find out how the notifications work on smartphones and reach your potential customers!

Almost 80% of internet users browse websites on their smartphones, of which the largest share is controlled by Android devices. Considering statistics, a mobile channel represents a very effective means of communication with recipients. How do they work and why is it worth using push notifications in advertising campaigns?

Mobile revolution

A considerable part of increase in the number of users accessing the internet on their smartphones results from ever cheaper cellular data connection schemes and widespread access to Wi-Fi. We browse web pages, e-stores and use social media. Therefore, communication with a potential customer should take the mobile channel into account – currently up to 69% of consumers aged between 18 and 39 years start their buying path on their smartphones. Push notifications are one of effective ways of reaching the recipients. Android displays messages on a special notification bar – they cannot go unnoticed!

How do web push notifications work?

Push notifications appear on a smartphone screen after a user has opted in to receive them. It is the subscriber who selects websites to obtain notifications from, which means that the offers sent can to a large extent respond to his or her needs.
These short alerts are displayed even if the user is browsing other web pages. By providing users with appealing content, we have a great chance to recover traffic – an average CTR from delivered messages amounts to more than 21%!
It should be borne in mind that in some cases an increase in recipients’ retention can be more profitable than obtaining new ones. Loyal customers to a great extent contribute to a business growth, not only by ensuring revenues, but also by strengthening a brand image through recommendations. As a reward for their loyalty it is worth offering discounts, rebates, free delivery or customised products – in the end, the understanding of consumer needs is a key to the brand success.

What to take into consideration when creating push notifications?

Building a campaign with the use of (Android) web push notifications is extremely simple, but a couple of rules should be borne in mind. First and foremost, subscribers should be provided with appealing content, compliant with their interests. Gender-based targeting is the very minimum.

Even the most thought through message sent to a subscriber will not be effective, if it is sent at the wrong time. It is worth monitoring recipients’ activity on the website, test times of the day and frequency of communications sent. Perfecting a subscription form is another crucial issue. Effective (Android) push notifications should contain a short message, a clear call to action (“click”, “check”), an attractive photo and a link which will take the addressee directly to the page of the offered product or service.

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