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What are success determinants for e-business?

What to take into account when setting up own business? What is a key to business success? Find out what to consider to outperform the competition!

At an initial stage of running business activity there is no need to incur considerable expenses. What is crucial here is innovative ideas, thinking outside the box, well-selected marketing tools and obviously relevant sales strategy.

Prospective thinking

Prospective thinking is a driver of every enterprise. Focusing on long-term objectives helps consciously direct a process relying on gathered information, knowledge of environment changes, forecasts, formulated proceedings towards the market. One-dimensional thinking excessively using past experience is a huge mistake. Although following a beaten track is very useful in everyday human resources management, it is not enough when creating a specific vision of the company future. Simply speaking – prospective thinking involves interdisciplinary approach to strategic processes. It is worth elaborating various scenarios, creating both threats and opportunities, as well as developing an outline of where we want to be in a few years’ time. A well-prepared sales strategy is obviously fundamental.

Properly selected marketing tools

Present technology allows for benefiting from integrated marketing communications. Using multiple distribution channels is not only a trend, but also the future. Thus it is worth relying on innovative, yet reliable solutions, such as Google Ads, positioning, mailings, price comparison sites, content marketing or web push. Push notifications are a relatively new form of communication with customers. This is a very helpful tool to build a base of potential clients who want to be informed of novelties, promotional campaigns or discounts. Pushes (notifications displayed in small windows) help engage users at any moment, without the need to wait for them to come across your advert.

Innovation as a basis of building competitive advantage

Products and services can be purchased anywhere, but where do we buy ideas? It is worth giving customers a chance to benefit from a new idea that will fulfil their needs. One can use unconventional solutions to stand out and be remembered. As regards business achievements, offering something that already exists does not make sense. When we provide consumers with a solution identical with the one that they have been using for a long time, we can be sure that they will stick to the old and reliable option. It is particularly true for young entrepreneurs that instead of searching for innovative ideas they often focus on duplicating popular solutions.

Competent staff

Business success depends to a large extent on employees. If communication between departments fails, the flywheel of the business stops working. The correlation is simple – the more we use an employee’s talent, the more effective and efficient they become, which translates into company’s development. Organisation culture is a business DNA chain which influences all the aspects of the company operation. This applies not only to corporations, but also smaller enterprises. Usually, at an initial stage of running a company we want to do everything on our own, but over time it is impossible to deal simultaneously with financial settlements, customer service, shipment of goods or sales. This is why a team of reliable employees is crucial at this point.

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