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5 most popular myths regarding web push advertising

Push advertising doesn’t sell, the tool service is difficult – what are other most popular myths regarding push notifications? Let’s find out!

Bearing in mind the fact that push notifications are a relatively new channel of communication with recipients, many myths have arisen around the use of this tool in marketing activities. Today we are going to tackle the most popular ones!

MYTH 1 – Push advertising doesn’t sell

Web push is an effective form of real-time communication with users. It doesn’t replace popular mailing campaigns, but perfectly complements them. However, push notifications have a huge advantage over mailings – generating 10 times higher conversion rates. An average CTR from delivered messages is over 21%! Owing to notifications we can, among others, rescue abandoned carts, gain new subscribers and analyse campaign results. Statistics speak for themselves – push notifications are a perfect tool to increase sales.

MYTH 2 – Difficult configuration

A web push tool is an effective, ready-to-use solution that is very simple to launch. Although push notifications have many advanced functionalities, learning to use the tool is an easy task. There is no need to use software engineer or developer services to prepare notifications. PushAd has a simple and intuitive notification wizard. When developing a campaign, we can always see what a notification will look like, both on an Android phone and on a computer in various formats (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). At this stage it is possible to change graphics for individual notifications, to edit the title, message content, target address with a possibility of hiding tracking codes and adding UTM codes.

MYTH 3 – Push notification management involves lots of work

What matters in business is fast and reliable solutions. Thanks to a proper tool we will create and send a campaign in just a couple of minutes. The communication can be sent immediately after having prepared the campaign, scheduled for a particular time or set to have it sent cyclically. To make it convenient to users, the tool gives an opportunity to copy messages, which allows for significant time saving.

MYTH 4 – Push advertising is expensive

The price of the service depends on the tariff plan and functionality. When we are just starting our adventure with push campaigns, there is no need to select the most expensive package. We can shift to a more advanced plan any time, adjusting it to individual needs. Prices start at less than 20 PLN a month, so it’s not an excessive amount.

MYTH 5 – Notifications don’t work in the Polish market

Tens of millions of communications are sent every day in the United States. In Poland we can see steadily growing interest in them. Push advertising owes its success to at least a couple of factors – it is difficult to miss it, it is direct and it does not spam an email box.

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