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Include a push campaign in your media plan!

By organising an advertising campaign, one can reach a wide range of potentially interested audiences. However, first all activities must be planned. At the heart of every campaign lies a good media plan, which is a sort of scheme including certain tools and media. How to use push notifications in marketing campaigns and why is […]

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How to present unique selling proposition (USP) using push notifications?

Online stores provide customers with almost limitless product selection. We can pick from offers, deciding on the most attractive one. Considering such strong competition, it is necessary to stand out somehow to give customers exactly what they need. The answer is Unique Selling Proposition (USP). What is unique selling proposition (USP)? Unique selling proposition is […]

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Customer Experience Management – what is it?

Acquiring a new customer can be up to seven times more expensive than maintaining the existing one. Regular customers are an invaluable source of income, so it is worth putting at least the same effort into building loyalty activities as acquiring new buyers. In this context, Customer Experience and improvement of customer satisfaction with the […]

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Macrosegmentation and macrotargeting, i.e. indispensable macromarketing techniques

Market segmentation aims to identify groups of customers sharing similar characteristics, and thus revealing similar demand. This is an extremely effective tool that helps to reach the right target group. The concept of macrosegmentation is also used in marketing as one of the stages of defining the reference market. How to use macrosegmentation in business? […]

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Microsegmentation and microtargeting, i.e. micromarketing techniques

Microsegmentation is a more advanced form of segmentation that allows for maximising the value of each customer and thus achieving better sales results. What is actually microsegmentation and microtargeting about? How to properly characterise the audience we are targeting? What is microtargeting and microsegmentation of customers? Microsegmentation enables to group consumers into smaller and more […]

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