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AdPop – solution to the problem of blocking web push notifications

Firefox and Chrome web browsers have started blocking pop-ups – web push notifications. Many publishers or online store owners have been using push notifications to communicate with their audience or customers. What tool will now be suitable for communication? An answer to web push notification being blocked by Chrome and Firefox is our AdPop tool. […]

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Web push and independent advertising networks, or how not to be digitally naive in the age of digitally native customers

Consumers from the digital-native generation are a very demanding target group. How to convince a recipient to your brand and remain authentic? Currently, consumers are constantly being flooded with messages from more and more brands. Relationships between a brand and a recipient differ significantly from those seen a few or dozen years ago. This is […]

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How to move from the beginning of the sales funnel to a purchase with push notifications?

The sales funnel consists of several important stages leading to sales. Why is it worth creating sales funnels and what are the benefits? Simply put, the sales funnel is a sales process divided into several stages. It allows for systematising sales and identifying customers interested in the offer. When building the sales funnel, it is […]

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Place marketing, i.e. charity begins at home. How to plan local growth hacking?

Growth hacking is a great alternative to traditional marketing model. How to plan activities in the local market and increase sales? A small advertising budget requires searching for alternative ways to achieve sales goals. This is how growth hacking was born. It assumes a creative and unconventional approach to acquiring customers using non-standard methods. It […]

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Vertical markets vs push notifications. How to boost sales without diversifying a product range?

Do you run an online store? Find out how to increase company’s profits without the need to expand the range thanks to innovative sales tools. Currently, most e-entrepreneurs rely in their businesses on selling products to mass audiences, offering a wide range of products. Diversification enables a company to increase the area of operations and […]

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