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Media planning vs media buying – how are they different?

Media planner and media buyer are positions that are associated with each other. The common denominator is the skills possessed, but the differences result from the scope of responsibilities. Two people or two departments must work closely together to achieve the objectives pursued. What do a media planner and media buyer do? What is the […]

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What does a media buyer do? ABC of working at advertising agencies

The process of creating advertising campaigns is very complex and requires cooperation of several teams at an advertising agency. One of the key positions is a media buyer, responsible for purchasing advertising space and negotiating prices. What other duties do media buyers have? What teams do they cooperate with while creating advertising campaigns? The role […]

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What does a media planner do? ABC of working at advertising agencies

Creativity, goal orientation, efficiency, commitment, knowledge of the media market – these are universal features that a person working for a media house should have. However, some positions require special skills, which are indispensable for effective work. What is a media planner’s job like? What are the duties? What are the responsibilities of a media […]

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Target audience – what is it?

In order to increase conversion in an online store, first of all, you need to know the products you sell and define your target group. An advertising message cannot be targeted at everyone; therefore, it is so important to adopt a specific strategy to reach a well-defined audience. What is actually the target group and […]

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Remarketing and retargeting – how are they different?

Abandoned shopping carts are perhaps the biggest problem marketers need to face. However, there are some ways to convince a potential customer to return to the website and complete the order. The most effective ones include remarketing and retargeting. What do these terms really mean and what results do they bring? Remarketing for engaged customers […]

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