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How to increase sales using marketing automation?

Currently, marketing automation is a standard in the world of e-commerce. The use of automation gives great opportunities to establish and maintain contact with recipients, generate traffic on the website and, of course, increase sales. How to use a marketing automation tool and turn users into loyal customers? Rescuing abandoned carts Abandoned carts mean lost […]

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How to (automatically) improve the customer experience?

Regardless of the marketing activities undertaken, it is the moment of purchase that verifies the effectiveness of the entire process. Shopping Experience is the whole of impressions and customer experience in contact with the product in the online store. How to improve the consumers’ feelings towards the brand and make them loyal customers? Get to […]

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How to write good heads-up messages? A copywriter’s guide

The first message that the user receives after contact with the brand makes some impressions. They can be positive if the recipient feels cared for and treated individually. How to write good heads-up messages to improve the user experience with the brand? Invite users to upcoming events based on the pages they visit Thanks to […]

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Brand stretching – what is it?

Brands having an established position on the market are increasingly using the brand stretching strategy, i.e. introducing new products to the market within the same category. A novelty offered under a well-known brand is more recognizable and faster adopted on the market. What exactly is brand stretching and what are the advantages of this strategy? […]

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Brand extension – what is it?

Huge competition on the market makes promoting a new product a difficult task. Therefore, manufacturers more and more often decide on brand extension, i.e. expanding the brand to other categories. What is brand extension? Brand extension means introducing completely new categories of products under the same brand to the market. The extension is about segmentation […]

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