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How to develop a small business online? A guide (part 2)

There are many ways that can help you expand a small business and attract new customers. The online space provides a great potential, which gives almost limitless opportunities for promotion. Check out the second part of our guide on how to advertise a small business on the web using modern forms of promotion.

Consider a marketplace ad

Marketplaces, such as Allegro and Amazon, are increasingly becoming the main sales channel for online retailers, while for others they provide the opportunity to present the company’s offer to a wider audience. Advertising on commercial platforms gives you the opportunity to effectively introduce new products to the domestic or national market, choose convenient campaign settlements, multiple formats and places of advertising broadcast, increase recognition and sales, or gain a stronger brand position.

Platforms have a lot to offer to businesses, including start-ups or market entrants. Selling via Allegro or Amazon can minimise initial advertising costs. In addition, you do not need to have advanced knowledge on marketing activities – every seller has access to transparent statistics, which represent a valuable source of measuring the effectiveness of advertising activities.

Collaborate with micro- and nano-influencers

Influencer marketing is still evolving. Small market entrants usually do not have a large advertising budget allowing for cooperation with influencers. For novice brands, it is a good idea to involve micro- and nano-influencers who have a small but loyal group of followers on social media.

Focus on Voice SEO

Voice SEO is still something new in the Polish market. The technology gives you the ability to ask questions by voice and get search results. Owing to convenience of use, Voice SEO has become the top SEO trend in 2020. Experts predict that by 2025 this will be the most popular method of online research. In order to include Voice SEO into your marketing strategy, you must optimise the content on the page accordingly for voice search.

Focus your actions on long tail keywords and ensure that your answers can be found directly in the content provided. How to successfully use Voice SEO? First of all, you need to optimise your page for load time, include accurate information on the business location, create content for the local market, add detailed product descriptions, and make use of structured data markups.

Provide efficient and automated customer service

Fast and comprehensive online customer service is now an absolute must for businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage. Statistics don’t lie – as many as 84% of consumers say that quality of customer service is a key factor in their purchasing decisions. Digital customer service using Marketing Automation significantly increases the effectiveness of marketing activities. With Marketing Automation, you can deliver customised content to your users, increase sales with transactional emails, and offload customer service teams. In addition to Marketing Automation, it is worth creating a chatbot that will efficiently indicate solutions to customers or offer the possibility of chatting on the site in case of additional questions or problems with the order completion.

Develop the community around your brand

The company development is not only about increasing sales, but also keeping the community focused around the brand. This will help us build brand awareness and authentic image in the eyes of consumers. By creating a strong social media community, we encourage potential customers to engage in a dialogue, get to know the target audience, and build a brand image as an expert in the field. In addition to regularly published posts, it would be good to organise, for example, a simple competition that will increase reach and encourage people to interact.

Create an omnichannel experience

Omnichannel marketing uses different channels to reach a potential customer in a more effective manner. The omnichannel approach to marketing makes the brand present at all touchpoints with the customer – creating a consistent ecosystem that influences the experience of the audience. To select the right channels for user communication, it is worth considering who the audience really is, which channel they prefer, and which one seems the most profitable.

The most popular ones include social media, push notifications, email marketing, Google Ads, SMS, or webinars. One way to find out from where people are most likely to be redirected to your page is to check the Multi-channel Funnels report in Google Analytics. It should be borne in mind that the more channels of communication with the customer we use, the greater the risk that the actions taken will become chaotic or insistent, so the strategy should be well thought out in this respect.

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