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How to achieve scalable growth with growth hacking and marketing automation?

Even small businesses with a tight budget can quickly see an increase in income and brand recognition. Marketing automation and growth hacking will help here. Why can both solutions be a straightforward path to the company’s success?

What is growth hacking?

Growth hacking has one goal, which is to generate the greatest possible growth for the business in the shortest possible time. It is a relatively young marketing technique that focuses on innovative and unconventional solutions. It requires the growth hacker to go beyond the rigid framework and standard advertising schemes. The technique focuses primarily on finding a cheaper alternative to traditional digital marketing. Growth hacking activities may include marketing automation, viral marketing, email marketing, push notifications, content marketing, creative use of social media, or very precise PPC ad targeting. Growth hacking is especially popular among young companies and start-ups whose goal is to find a product-market fit, i.e. a product that will fit into the market and satisfy the real needs of potential customers.

What is scalable growth hacking?

The task of a growth hacker is to apply actions that will allow you to increase the customer base in a short time, increase the number of customers and generate profits. However, marketers should focus not only on designing creative advertising campaigns, but above all on leading to scalable business growth. It should be remembered that the technique should assume a long-term vision: growth hacking is to help you achieve profits not only at the beginning of your business road, but also later, for a long time. Currently, the largest brands use the growth hacking potential. The foundations of the whole concept are, above all, product matching to the needs of consumers, virality, non-standard methods of acquiring customers, as well as ongoing analysis and optimisation of actions taken. The idea of growth hacking is based mainly on an unconventional way of thinking about marketing and sales, focused on searching for effective and inexpensive solutions, experimenting, and data analysis.

How does marketing automation help maintain scalable growth?

Growth hacking is a marketing technique that makes the most of the available data on users. In the era of marketing automation tools based on AI, obtaining leads is not as labour-intensive process as it used to be. However, the information obtained about the target group should be skillfully used. In growth hacking, you should focus primarily on adapting the way of communication to the target group – if our target is young people, it is worth considering creative use of TikTok or Instagram. Digital teaser campaigns that barely unveil the sweet secret about a new product or service will work for a wide audience.

Growth hacking works great with marketing automation tools, allowing you to create completely personalised advertising campaigns based on strictly selected groups of recipients. The automation tool helps to effectively collect data, analyse the results of advertising activities and develop creative marketing campaigns based on user behaviour, interests, lifestyle, shopping preferences, or location. In addition, automated tasks help to relieve sales and marketing teams that will not have to spend a lot of time on repetitive tasks – during this time they can develop the concept of custom advertising messages having viral potential.

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