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What to write about on a company blog? Content types in content marketing

Content marketing is not just about improving your search engine rankings. It also aims to build a brand image as an expert in the industry, generate traffic on the website, or expand the customer base. However, the content should not only refer to the brand, but also cover a wider range of the target group interests. How to run a blog to fulfil your goals?

Topical content – be an expert in the field

The website content with appropriately selected keywords helps with search engine optimisation. However, one should bear in mind that content ought to be friendly not only to search engines, but also to the audience. It’s a good idea to include product or service-related information on your business blog to present the assortment sold in the best possible way. However, this is not enough to attract a wider group of potential customers. Our brand should be consumers’ first choice and evoke positive associations. Topical content will help bring us closer to the goal, presenting the company as an expert, thereby consolidating its market position.

Topics should not only be related to the specificity of the business, but also need to focus on specific issues that will attract an audience. Content can be diverse in nature – it is worth publishing guidance articles that provide practical advice on a given topic, as well as expert articles with in-depth information. First of all, you need to try to think like potential customers who expect content tailored to their needs and expectations. In this case, marketing automation might work well – marketing tools allow for content personalisation according to the audience interests. It is worth providing the audience with substantive content, simultaneously conveying in a subtle way information about the brand.

Tangential content for a wider audience

Content marketing aims at lead acquisition by means of content tailored to the target group. It is worth keeping track of the audience’s interests and modifying the strategy if needed. However, it may still happen that our message will not reach the assumed target audience. Then, the search for related topics (tangential content) can be a hit. Thanks to such content, we have the opportunity to reach a wider audience, expand the base, and build brand awareness beyond a certain niche. Tangential content helps to increase the number of readers, and hence potential customers. It should be remembered that the content must be distributed through relevant communication channels, taking advantage of the marketing automation potential. The tool definitely facilitates targeting, audience segmentation, message personalisation, while allowing for monitoring the results of the content marketing campaign. Article writing carries the SEO value, especially if they are published on external sites and contain links to a given anchor.

How to get the best results by running a company blog?

To achieve long-term goals, it may be a good idea to combine different types of content first. Expert articles focusing on the brand should be intertwined with more general, “casual” content. Since the audience base, i.e. potential and current customers, can have diverse interests, it is worth testing various types of content and monitoring the results to the greatest extent possible. Both types of content can be distributed through a marketing automation tool, which allows for collecting data regarding users, as well as analysing their needs, expectations, and interests. In this way, we will increase the chance of reaching the right audience that can become our loyal customers.

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