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What to outsource? 4 areas where startups cut costs

The startups’ activity relies on a full commitment to stimulating the company’s development. Additional business activities are necessary, but require lots of work and time. Therefore, small companies often choose to outsource marketing activities. What processes are worth outsourcing to specialised third parties to save time and money?

  1.     Marketing and advertising strategies

In a traditional model, companies hire employees responsible for marketing activities. However, it does not pay for every company to employ a full-time marketer. On the other hand, a multitude of duties may not allow a person employed in another position to be fully involved in such tasks. Therefore, the most profitable solution is to seek help from a third party, thanks to which the quality of services provided is improved, and the cost of doing business is reduced. Specialists from an outsourcing company can focus on both creating a sales or marketing strategy, and brand communication. Every single marketing campaign requires a multidisciplinary approach, relying on many competences – a third party can cope with these tasks owing to the synergy effect. In addition, we receive reports on the activities carried out, which makes it possible to always keep an eye on the ball. The analysis of sales data carried out by the outsourcing company gives the opportunity to optimise both the already undertaken actions and future marketing campaigns.

  1.     SEO – website positioning

The brand strategy should also take into account website positioning activities, which are one of the most complex areas of marketing. This is a long, time-consuming process, which boils down to, among other things, search engine optimisation of website content, creating content or changing the site usability. An external team specialised in SEO has key competences that combine both programming, UX, and copywriting. Hiring several full-time experts can simply be financially unprofitable.

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  1.   Marketing automation

Marketing automation is an extremely effective solution that translates into higher sales. It covers prediction analyses, email marketing, push notifications, social media marketing, as well as all actions connected with lead nurturing and management. An advertising campaign that uses automation marketing is targeted at message customisation and increasing the chance of acquiring new customers and keeping the existing ones. An outsourcing company can offer modern solutions based on many communication channels. The multi-channel marketing allows for communication at all the touchpoints with the customer. It should be borne in mind that implementation of marketing automation requires lots of time and marketing knowledge; therefore, this is one of the areas that are definitely worth being outsourced.

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  1.   Contact with influencers

Implementing influencer marketing seems like a simple task; however, this is actually a much more complex process. This does not boil down to exchanging benefits with influencers, but involves building long-term relationships and requires time that young companies usually lack. Advertising agencies specialising among others in this domain have pre-established influencer relations, which allows for significant time and money savings, owing to negotiated rates and an elaborated action plan.

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