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5 ways to build customer trust

It takes a long time to gain customer trust. More and more consumers are aware of the marketing techniques used by brands, so it is worth wisely developing a communication strategy with potential customers – instead of just offering, you should cooperate with them. How to gain audience trust and maintain their loyalty?

  1.     Transparency and good communication

Brand transparency is not only a trend, but also the future of communication with the recipient. This is how we can gain the customer’s trust and arouse positive feelings. Being open in terms of both your company’s achievements and failure analysis can become very positive in the end. Most of us appreciate people who take responsibility for their own decisions – the same is true for the world of business. Telling your story and providing a behind-the-scenes look increases your chances of getting another contract. Sooner or later consumers will find out what has been created exclusively for PR purposes, and what actually results from the brand’s honesty and openness.

  1.     Show the represented values

Customers evaluate brands based on many criteria, also paying attention to the values they share. These include, among others, attitude to social problems, efforts towards sustainable development, eco-friendly solutions in material production, as well as equality and tolerance. Shared values attract the audience – they simply want to identify with the brand. How to communicate the company’s mission and vision? In addition to presenting the offer, it is worth sending messages to recipients, e.g. about organized events or other actions undertaken by the brand. Regardless of the volume of the subscriber base, it is worth using the marketing automation tool, which will allow for constant communication with recipients most interested in the company’s activities.

  1.     Show empathy for the customer

All interactions with recipients that evoke specific emotions in them are crucial for the brand. Customer Experience (CX) is the total of customer experiences throughout the sales process. Positive associations with the brand largely contribute to starting cooperation or purchasing the products or services offered. Therefore, it is necessary to take care not only of the usability and intuitiveness of the website, but also of pro-consumer actions taken by the company. The key to improving CX lies in understanding the needs, expectations, and motivations of customers, which in turn can significantly contribute to increasing sales, gaining loyalty, and building trust towards the brand. One of the ways to customise communication with the audience  is to implement a marketing automation tool. It allows you to profile the contacts based on behavioural data, interests, or subscribers’ activity. Sales data analysis enables optimisation of marketing campaigns and sending personalised messages.

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  1.     Be authentic when contacting the customer

If our goal is to increase sales, recipients will want to know the details of the products or services offered. Hence, the target group should receive detailed specifications, case studies, or advisory content that will help them make a more informed purchasing decision. Authentic companies have a better chance of retaining customers by providing reliable and truthful information.

  1.     Provide the best possible customer service

It is worth giving customers the most valuable thing, namely time. The service should be professional, and the recipient must feel taken care of and treated with an individual approach. The seller should not only be properly involved in communication during the pre-sale process, but also after the transaction is completed. Positive customer experience is influenced by many factors, so it is worth listening to recipients and responding to their needs. By taking care of good contact with the customer, we can gain their loyalty, provide the best solutions, and offer products or services tailored to their expectations. This is the only way to turn the customer into a brand ambassador.

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