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3 advantages of multichannel marketing that will give you an edge in the market

Creating effective campaigns forces moving away from rigid marketing strategies. Potential customers encounter the advertising message at many brand touchpoints; therefore, communication should be conducted in several channels simultaneously. Multichannel is the key to successful marketing campaigns.

  1.     Better target group management

Currently, users benefit from many channels of communication with brands – websites, Google advertising, social media, push notifications, or emails. The choice of the right media depends on where our target group is located. Getting to know the needs and expectations of potential customers is a basic element of a good marketing strategy. When using Multi Channel Marketing, it is important to have an integrated form of messages and make them constitute a coherent whole. Marketing Automation is a tool that enables the implementation of marketing campaigns according to predetermined scenarios and allows for even better management of the target group. Every day, users leave some traces on the website, and their behaviour is marked by certain patterns. The Marketing Automation tool has extensive and advanced functions that allow for effective use of the collected data to implement advertising campaigns.

  1.     Better channel connectivity

Communication carried out in accordance with the multichannel strategy requires the use of several channels, which allows for multiplying the chance of reaching a potential customer. To have multichannel marketing functioning, you need a system that enables coordination of the advertising messages dispatch and control of user behaviour in the communication process. Marketing Automation makes it possible to effectively manage the recipient base and provides better connectivity between marketing channels. This allows for easy monitoring of the entire sales process and optimisation of the costs of using each channel, recognising the most effective ones. Multichannel automation enables achieving better results without a constant need to manually configure the campaign. What counts in the sales process is time – the response to the customer’s needs should be immediate. Marketing Automation is able to ensure perfect flow of information, effective management of collected data on users, and thus adjust an adequate advertising message.

  1.     A customised, easily scalable message

The Marketing Automation platform allows for including personalisation in the advertising automation activities, solving the problem of quantity vs quality in the marketing strategy. Based on the collected user data, it is possible to develop detailed behavioural profiles, enabling customisation of advertising messages. Effective scalable advertising campaigns make it possible to establish a dialogue with every target group. Base segmentation is the first step in marketing campaigns planning – each group needs to be approached individually and in a different way. Personalisation in communication is even easier owing to functional Marketing Automation tools.

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