How to plan modern campaigns?

How to plan modern campaigns?

Are you planning a marketing campaign? Find out what to consider and how to obtain valuable leads!

A person having little experience in online marketing might find it difficult to plan an effective sales campaign. However, it is not so difficult as it seems, provided that we adopt a substantial approach and perform a good analysis of results. How to create and plan campaigns with the use of state-of-the-art tools?

Determine a target group

A failure to define a target group puts your marketing campaign at risk of losses. Recipients should be identified and their needs should be understood. In the event of mailing campaigns or sending notifications (by Push Ad) a proper base segmentation is the key to success. We can identify several segments, bearing in mind the fact that recipients will have different needs. Various content or even campaigns should be created for various target groups. The base segmentation in the case of Push Ad is the most labour-intensive stage of creating the campaign, but the effort is definitely worth it. The Push Ad tool is very intuitive – one can independently configure it, analyse data, carry out A/B tests and so on.

Plan from A to Z

Marketing campaigns don’t have room for chaos. All activities must be planned from the very beginning to the very end. Therefore, in the first place, we should answer the following questions:

  • What goal do we want to achieve?
  • What time do we have for achieving our goal?
  • What tools do we want to use to achieve our goal?

The goals should be SMART, i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, significant and time-bound. Obviously, it should be remembered that different objectives will be set by a company planning to implement content marketing activities than by the one that decides to optimise its website’s position in search engine results. Thus, also KPIs should differ. Moreover, goals can be divided into sales-related (sales increase, number of inquiries and customers) and branding-related (improved brand awareness, content distribution, market education). In order to carry out an effective advertising campaign online, many promotional channels should be combined, such as Google Ads (PPC) with positioning (SEO), influencer marketing with social media, or positioning with content marketing.

Content and analysis

When creating a marketing campaign, first of all we consider what we want to convey to recipients. However, maybe it would be better to first answer the question “what would my customers like to read?”. The campaign is as good as its material in the form of content, graphics or video. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t forget about one of basic online marketing principles: each and every campaign conducted online must have its landing page. If we direct recipients to the company’s main page, the communication may get lost among millions of other pieces of information.

When implementing an advertising campaign, we have access to all necessary data which will help us analyse effectiveness of our actions – primarily the number of views, clicks or duration. When having basic data regarding traffic, we should pay attention to a website conversion rate, i.e. number of people who place orders per number of all users entering the page.

To make the campaign sensible, we have to get to know how our recipients behave, which communications most strongly promote the offer and get to know the mechanisms that have effect upon users. When you start your adventure with online marketing, it may turn out that recipients don’t know the company. Just at the very beginning one should build reputation by well thought-through campaigns.


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