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TTL marketing or how to effectively combine awareness campaigns with targeted advertising?

Today, despite the dynamic development of new technologies, radio and television advertising is still a powerful means of communication. However, new trends enforce a more precise and customised approach to consumers. How to use TTL for advertising campaigns?

TTL marketing – a combination of individual and mass approach

Companies have a range of different channels of communication with their customers. They can use a variety of marketing tools to reach potential customers with their message. In this context, a distinction between ATL and BTL marketing has been made, but now the line is getting blurred. TTL, or through the line, is an integrated approach that actually combines two marketing methods: ATL and BTL. Until recently, the division was simple, but now the marketing world requires more creative and personalised solutions to reach consumers and improve sales results. The TTL method provides both broad reach and focus on conversions.

Traditional ATL marketing

Marketing activities are distinguished based on the media used for developing advertising campaigns. ATL, or above the line, is a method that involves mass distribution of ads without customisation. This approach assumes that the more consumers see the advertising (e.g. on TV, radio, press, billboards), the greater chance of acquiring more customers. Typically, consumers, when viewing ads in broad-reach media, have greater brand awareness and trust it more.

Of course, mass communication does not mean that we cannot send a message to a specific target group. ATL campaigns take into account the time of TV or radio advertising broadcast, or the billboard location. However, this is not enough to reach the right consumers who can become our customers.

Targeted BTL marketing

BTL marketing, or below the line, involves reaching a strictly selected audience with the advertising. In this case, targeting is crucial – the target group receives a customised message across different online communication channels. The development of new technologies has caused BTL marketing to flourish. Social media, content marketing, email marketing, push notifications, search engine advertising, and influencer marketing are most commonly used to promote the brand. In order to reach a potential customer with a personalised message, it is worth using the power of Marketing Automation. With automated processes, there is no need to manually create every single campaign. The platform systematically gathers data about users and monitors their behaviour. In this context, BTL marketing can be taken to the next personalisation level.

How does TTL combine ATL and BTL?

BTL performance campaigns are designed to reach a specific target audience and are billed for their results. Advertising is focused on a dialogue with the audience by promoting specific products. However, both ATL and BTL have image campaigns to promote the brand. The combination of both methods allows for building brand awareness and reaching a specific group of customers. It is primarily large, recognisable brands that can afford integrated communication across multiple channels, both traditional and digital. As an example we can mention a TV and radio advertisement broadcast, just to make the audience later get to know the brand in more detail online, e.g. on a website or social media.

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