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4 mistakes that prevent your business from growing

Everyone makes mistakes, not only small entrepreneurs, but big brands too. Marketing is a very dynamic field which, on the one hand, creates new opportunities for better understanding of customers, but on the other hand, sometimes entrepreneurs find it hard to keep up with all the changes. Find out the most common avoidable mistakes to improve your sales performance.

  1.     You measure the wrong indicators

A conversion increase in the online store requires the use of tools that will help to analyse the actions taken. Data on the number of website visitors, the click-through rate (CTR), or the number of views in the search engine will not be sufficient. Google Search Console provides tools that allow not only for monitoring the website’s position in the search engine, but also traffic volume, optimising the position in the ranking, and adjusting one’s website in terms of search results. In order to fully use the potential of Search Console, it is worth comparing the obtained data with the information gathered from other Google tools, i.e., Analytics, Trends, or Google Ads. Sales data analysis gives information on both the company’s condition as well as customers’ needs and expectations.

  1.     Engagement is much more than numbers

Engagement means that users will be actively involved in the brand’s activities. However, figures do not always translate into the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. If you do not provide your audience with valuable content, they will not engage in communication. To achieve the marketing goals of increased sales, the target group must receive the content relevant to its interests. In this case, the crucial aspects include base segmentation and targeting, e.g., with the use of Marketing Automation tools. Get to know your audience and on that basis determine further marketing activities. By analysing the statistics, you will find out who the users are, i.e., who is most engaged in the brand’s activities. In order to determine the content, it is necessary to check not only the age bracket or gender of the audience, but also to analyse their lifestyle, values, needs, and interests. Then you will be aware of users that you can expect to interact with. It is not only the content that matters, but also the method of its distribution, e.g., through the Marketing Automation tool.

  1.     You don’t ask what users are thinking

What influences customer satisfaction in relation to the brand actually comes down for post-purchase services, easy contact, quick response to inquiries, or appropriate UX and UI. Consumer satisfaction at every brand touchpoint often determines the company’s “to be or not to be” in the market. Consumers need to be encouraged to share their opinions on the purchasing process, product quality, and service. In the age of social media, users are eager to leave comments, but not always positive, which may contribute to damaging a brand’s reputation. A few opinions can effectively discourage other recipients from taking advantage of your offering. For this reason, a quick response is crucial. It is worth asking for customer’s feedback immediately after they contact the brand, and in case of dissatisfaction, offer a beneficial solution. However, the customer satisfaction survey should not take the form of a long and boring questionnaire, this needs to be quick feedback.

  1.     Don’t focus on errors, just fix them

Mistakes happen even to the most experienced marketers. After each misstep, it is necessary, first of all, to draw conclusions and plan actions in a different way. For example, sending a standardised marketing message to all users will not bring the desired effect. In this case, it is better to consider segmenting the audience base and customising messages accordingly. This will be possible with e.g. the Marketing Automation tool that provides you with access to a full analysis of your campaign results and allows for optimising future activities according to your audience needs. In addition to Marketing Automation, remarketing may also be helpful, enabling you to automatically tailor your ads to people who have previously interacted with your brand.

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