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5 ways to make your advertising campaigns more effective

It is becoming increasingly difficult to run effective advertising campaigns. However, there are several proven ways that can bring us closer to our goal. How to plan marketing activities to achieve satisfactory returns on investment?

  1.     Increase effective advertising spending

Advertising campaigns pursue different goals, such as building awareness, brand recognition and, of course, sales. Performance indicators should be monitored for all the activities. If your advertising campaign is effective, it’s best to increase your marketing spend. But what can you do to achieve your goals? The key aspect is optimisation by means of A/B tests which allow for checking whether the variables affect the effectiveness of marketing activities. Instead of relying exclusively on previous experiences, it is worth using hard data obtained through test analysis. This will let us know which advertising versions work best and then we will be able to increase spending on them.

  1.     Imagine you are a user

Even best optimised sales campaigns will not achieve the desired effect if the website is unintuitive and chaotic. Therefore, one should imagine being a potential customer and feel for them by checking with the application whether navigating the website is not difficult. User Experience (UX) illustrates the user-website interaction experience and focuses on analysing whether the interface or functionalities trigger desired reactions from potential customers. Owing to this, we can identify imperfect and annoying elements that hinder the website use, and thus affect the conversion rate and ROI.

  1.     Integration of all company departments

Individual departments at the company are not independent entities. In order to achieve sales goals, it is necessary to integrate all the processes, data, information and, of course, ensure a good flow of messages among employees. Such a possibility is offered by Marketing Automation. This certainly enables process automation, but also improves the efficiency of the entire business. Marketing Automation allows for developing relationships with customers at every stage of the sales funnel, preparing a potential customer for a purchase (lead nurturing). In this case, both the marketing and sales department that takes over the leads must be involved.

  1.     The sales process does not end with the checkout

In order to increase sales and improve brand image, campaigns should be planned in such a way that they support potential and existing customers at every stage of the sales process. In fact, the interaction doesn’t end with the order completion. Good after-sales service seems to be equally important, because it gives a chance to win loyal customers. This is also possible with the Marketing Automation tool, thanks to which we can engage users after achieving the set sales goals.

  1.     Campaign effectiveness monitoring and analysis

The analysis of sales data allows for obtaining valuable information on the effectiveness of the campaign and user behaviour. Without understanding the data and outcomes, we cannot draw conclusions for the future. The Marketing Automation system monitors user activity and enables conversion rates measurement. By acquiring data about consumers from all communication channels, we have an opportunity to plan even more effective advertising campaigns.

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