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6 marketers’ skills that will help any business survive

The evolution of marketing forces specialists to constantly improve their skills and acquire new knowledge. The marketers’ task is to get to know the needs of the audience and adapt advertising campaigns to them in the right way. What competencies should a marketer have in the coming year?

  1.     Storytelling – ability to tell stories

Storytelling is one of the marketing tools that allow for creating even more effective marketing campaigns. Telling a story does not only mean informing recipients of a new offering or presenting the advantages of the brand. It requires the marketer to understand human emotions and motivations in order to communicate with them even more effectively in an engaging way. Owing to this skill, the marketer is able to properly adjust the advertising message to the creative brief.

  1.     Analysing data and drawing conclusions

The dynamic development of new technologies makes it possible to use many tools that allow for monitoring and analysis of advertising campaigns (e.g. Marketing Automation). However, the analysis of sales data and drawing conclusions from the obtained information about users is a true art. The marketer must be able to measure the effectiveness of the campaign, create reports and properly optimise advertising activities based on the information gathered.

  1.     Design skills

Perhaps graphic skills are not a must for a marketer, but it is a very desirable feature in the industry. Currently, there are many programs that enable creating storyboards or moodboards, which certainly facilitates creative work. However, a marketer needs to know the basics of the website composition, UX, or good interface.

  1.     Being acquainted with technology

Marketers have to follow trends, undoubtedly. However, it is the ability to use new technologies that is crucial in their work. These include e.g., Marketing Automation tools that have an indirect impact on the company’s sales results. Marketing Automation is not only a trend, but also the future of marketing, which is why practical skills in using tools are an added value.

  1.     Industry knowledge

A marketer should have extensive knowledge of the industry which he or she works in. Owing to this, they will be able to identify consumers’ needs and expectations, or plan media communication channels. Marketers cannot stand still – to be good at what they do they must be hungry for knowledge.

  1.     Budget management skills and strategic planning

It often happens that the company’s needs exceed its financial capacity. Therefore, a good marketer should manage the budget wisely to achieve marketing goals. It should be borne in mind that marketing is a long-term investment, so the currently performed activities often give effect only in the future. The specialist is able to estimate which advertising activities will bring the expected return on investment.

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