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3 ways to accelerate growth with Marketing Automation

The market is changing dynamically; therefore, appropriate actions should be taken to maximise the growth with Marketing Automation. Skilful use of marketing automation systems allows you to save time, optimise the advertising budget, increase the level of conversion, and thus, increase sales profits. What actions should be taken to achieve the sales goals?

  1.     Access to the most recent data

The implementation and planning of marketing automation is just the beginning of the road to success. Even though the once set workflow will run all the time, it won’t be constant. Therefore, data analysis and testing different scenarios is necessary. The Marketing Automation system allows for accurate adjustment of the content to the needs of users active online. However, in order to be able to personalise the message, it is necessary to rely on current, real data about users who are on the website. The above makes it possible to respond to the needs of potential customers on an ongoing basis. Content personalisation at each touchpoint allows for adjusting the marketing offering, thus increasing the chance for greater conversion. Marketing Automation enables analysis of the entire customer lifecycle and adaptation of subsequent campaigns to the frequently changing customers’ needs.

  1.     Multichannel communications

Consumers use many channels to communicate with the brand, but matching a consistent message can still be a serious challenge. A multichannel marketing is a combination of multiple platforms that automate the entire process, which translates into greater effectiveness of marketing communication. Until recently, Marketing Automation was used in email marketing, but marketers saw a greater potential of the multichannel approach. Marketing automation can include both push notifications and SMS campaigns – the channel selection depends on the audience’s location. By performing conversion analysis, it is possible in the future to properly divide the values between the cooperating channels. A perfect attribution should define the impact of each interaction on the overall score.

Thanks to the multichannel approach, it is possible to automatically launch a campaign on a large scale, measuring and planning communication at all touchpoints with users. The consistency of the advertising message should be borne in mind, taking into account previous marketing activities. Each action taken by recipients must result in an appropriate response, tailored to the specific stage of the customer’s journey.

  1.     Better analysis of collected data

An essential element of any effective marketing campaign is the analysis of the collected information about users. First, a target audience should be defined and recipients should be segmented, taking into account common features. It is worth using demographic data, as well as behaviouralpsychographic and geographical characteristics, to narrow the target group and then be able to deliver targeted content. Demographic data regarding gender, age, and income is the basic criterion for customer segmentation. It’s also worth taking a look at consumers’ buying patterns – behavioural segmentation will help us find out what, how, where, and why they buy. Behavioural data analysis boils down to the click-through rate, time spent on the website, frequency of visits, or searched keywords. By tracking site activity, it is possible to quickly respond to current users’ needs.

Behavioural segmentation is not the only aspect crucial for creating customised offers. Psychographic criteria perfectly complement the demographic profile by defining consumer interests, lifestyle, or preferences. Geographical data, on the other hand, is mostly useful when consumption is determined by regional habits, place of residence, or climate. Geolocation also allows for sending advertising messages to a selected group of recipients – the information on the current user location makes it easier to trigger a buying impulse. Detailed targeting gives the opportunity to reach the audience who might be most interested in the offer.

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