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8 myths about Marketing Automation

There are many myths regarding Marketing Automation tools. False information most frequently results from lack of knowledge on marketing automation, the role it plays in sales activities, or procedures following the tool implementation. What other myths are commonly repeated among marketers?

  1.     Marketing Automation is just for mass communication with the audience

It is true that the marketing automation tool allows for communication with a large user base. However, its essence is to appropriately adjust messages to the needs and expectations of the target group. In this case, key actions comprise the segmentation of the entire database, and then customisation of messages. The marketing automation system enables grouping recipients according to appropriate criteria (demographic, psychographic, geographical or behavioural).

  1.     Marketing automation is easier than manual processes

Marketing Automation gives you the opportunity to build a powerful foundation for a sales funnel. However, it cannot replace all sales and marketing activities. Here, the human factor should be also taken into account. All activities must be monitored, optimised, and analysed, so that it is possible to achieve even better sales results. Automated Marketing allows for managing huge amounts of customer data, replaces the need to perform routine tasks, but also requires a creative approach to every advertising campaign.

  1.     Marketing Automation is relevant for email marketing

Communication should be carried out at all brand touchpoints. Of course, email marketing is a great solution that enables establishing relationships with the audience. However, it is definitely worth opening to other solutions that can significantly improve sales results. One of them is push notifications marked by a higher CTR and better conversion than emails.

  1.     Marketing Automation works only for large corporations

The goal of every company is to develop and improve sales results. In order to get to the top, it is necessary to introduce modern and innovative solutions. This applies also to smaller businesses. Marketing Automation is an investment that will pay off when we make use of all the possibilities the tool offers.

  1.     Automation makes communication impersonal

The methods of communication with the target group depend on the campaign goals and the effect we want to achieve. In the case of Marketing Automation, the message must be personalised to establish a relationship with the audience. It does not only refer to transactional emails, but also allows for developing creative campaigns based on predefined scenarios. With Marketing Automation, it is possible not only to increase sales results, but also build brand awareness through perfectly designed communication.

  1.     Marketing Automation tools won’t replace traditional systems

To get a competitive advantage, one should use all the opportunities offered by marketing tools. Marketing Automation systems make it possible to replace the solutions used to date, but they also support traditional activities. The tool enables segmentation of the target group, customisation of messagestargeting, and remarketing. The most important thing is to become acquainted with all the possibilities of Marketing Automation and use it to create advertising campaigns according to the set goals.

  1.     Marketing Automation supports the marketing department only

The Marketing Automation tool allows for building the audience base, managing segments, performing lead scoring, as well as building brand awareness. Marketing Automation goes much more beyond marketing activities. The system makes it possible to move potential customers down a sales funnel and manage audience lifecycle. For this reason, marketing automation is a great solution to support sales. The tool can be used by both a media buyer and a seller – all their operations should be synergistic.

  1.     Marketing Automation only aims to close a sale

The collected leads should be transformed into valuable customers. However, this is not the only objective of marketing campaigns. The processes that lead to subsequent transactions and gaining loyal customers are very important. Marketing Automation gives the opportunity to stay in touch with the audience through creative after-sales activities, including informing about a new collection, sale, available discounts or other benefits, encouraging the customer to make further purchases.

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