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Lead scoring or how to “fish” customers out by means of push notifications

Lead scoring is a very important element of marketing activities that increases chances of sales. Where does its effectiveness lie? How to select from a subscriber base the leads showing best conversion opportunities?

Lead scoring is a method of assessing the value of leads in order to rank potential customers by their degree of engagement. Determining the position of leads in the sales funnel will allow for adjusting communication and actions to be taken to transform a potential customer into an engaged one. How to move the lead to the bottom of the sales funnel using push notifications? Check our suggestions!

How does lead scoring work in practice?

Potential customers can be evaluated based on various attributes. In other words, common features for leads should be identified and given appropriate scoring (e.g. from 0 to 100). What types of data are worth considering? First of all, commitment and behaviour, i.e. behavioural scoring – agreeing to receive push notifications or emails, filling out a form, downloading a report or e-book, or redirecting to a website.

More points can be awarded to potential customers who have visited highly valued tabs on a page (e.g. an offer or price list). It is equally important to collect demographic data and assess it for compliance with a target group. At the initial stage, it is necessary to set a threshold that a given lead must reach to determine its potential and readiness to make a purchase. Lead scoring significantly increases the efficiency of marketing activities, because we can devote more attention to promising users.

Push notifications vs sales funnel stages     

The PushAd tool does not only allow for building customer loyalty, but also moves users down the sales funnel. The first stage boils down to activities aimed at making a recipient interested in the brand, offer or content appearing on the website. The user will be displayed a popup window asking for consent to be added to the   subscriber base. Before we proceed to the lead selection, there is another important stage, namely building interest among recipients. It is necessary to convince potential customers to become familiar with the offer by providing customised content. User segmentation is crucial – content should be tailored to the needs and preferences of a given target group.

The selection stage boils down to choosing interested recipients and providing them with additional benefits, e.g. by showing push notifications with a possible discount on further purchases or offering free delivery. Sales is obviously the final stage, but this does not end the whole process – you should also take care of after-sales services. Thanks to push notifications you can deliver interesting content to the customer, inform him or her about a new collection or sale.

Drip marketing and lead nurturing

The frequency of contact with a user should be well-planned. In this context, important concepts include drip marketing, i.e. planning scenarios and determining the schedule of sending push notifications, and lead nurturing, relying on recipient behaviour. This requires continuous analysis of users’ actions in relation to the notifications sent. Lead nurturing aims at engaging collected leads and transforming them into loyal customers. It should be remembered that user segmentation and message customisation are the key to success in push campaigns!

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