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Intention mining – how to check user intent by means of web push?

Users’ intentions can be examined and used in the marketing process. Knowing them allows for implementation of customised campaigns, which significantly affects sales results.

Messages sent to recipients should be tailored to their interests and preferences. The success of web push campaigns is determined, among others, by message customisation and segmentation of the recipient base. In this context, it is worth examining intentions of users at all stages of the sales funnel and analysing their response to notifications. How to check and apply user intent in marketing activities?

Segmentation vs customisation

Probably the biggest mistake that marketers make is sending the same message to all recipients. Without proper segmentation of the subscriber base, marketing activities will be inefficient and unprofitable. Users who want to receive push notifications simply expect appealing content that complies with their interests. Otherwise, they can unsubscribe from the subscriber base. User intent has a crucial impact on sales results – a recipient is looking for interesting guidebooks, e-books, podcasts, articles, and reports. Intention mining refers to getting to know the expectations of potential customers and responding to them.

Lack of profiled access to such information prevents proper brand-customer communication. However, owing to collection and analysis of consumer data (customer intelligence) it is possible to better understand their needs. Based on knowledge gained from previous marketing activities, further communication should be customised. In other words, the first stage involves base segmentation, followed by personalisation of messages and analysis of the received data. Based on the conclusions drawn, the messages can be even better tailored to the established segments. It should be borne in mind that both user expectations and user intentions are subject to change! This is why constant monitoring of behaviour of potential and existing customers is so important.

Push notifications – analysis of received results

If we know how huge impact the segmentation of the recipient base and message customisation have on the success of the marketing campaign, it is worth ensuring proper analysis of user behaviour, i.e. how a given segment responds to web push notifications sent. It should be remembered that recipients’ purchase path does not have to resemble a traditional shopping funnel – it can be a complicated loop.

Users’ needs are likely to change; therefore, the analysis must be a continuous and ongoing process. It cannot be limited only to the CTR. It should include a bounce rate, conversions, micro conversions, or visit depth. Regardless of how winding user paths are, segmentation should take into account not only user interests and  geographic data. It is equally important to track website behaviour or activity in a given time period.

User intent gives a lot of information about user preferences, which can be successfully applied in the marketing process.

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