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What impacts the Web Notifications subscriber increase.

Here we are again. Despite the busy time of recent events. Launching the new dashboard, team building, the site itself. Numerous meetings with customers on top of that. Therefore, shortly about the Push Notification subscription.

n fact, at most chats and meetings with clients, especially in large companies, where every detail of the campaign is analysed, there is always one question asked on the rate of growth of subscriber base. How fast, how much, what percentage, when the saving curve flattens? Of course, it depends on many factors, traffic quality, why the customer enters the site, site content, and many others. Today, however, we would like to concentrate on a banner encouraging to subscribe, its content and the industry. The following regularities are observed here:

  • the more visible is the banner, the higher the level of subscription,

Interestingly, it does not have to cover the whole page and drop the banner at the top. Our experience shows, better results are obtained by displaying it for a few seconds for each visit. This is a rule. Banner form is of importance as well. Currently, the Bottom Scroll proves to be the best.

  • The more specifics benefits from subscription, the higher the level of subscriptions,

Again interesting observation, the customer benefits not necessarily have to be large. Neither unique. However, when you get it through notification, the indicators are going up. Key words like “special / y,” “unique / y” positively affect the flexibility of the hitting ACCEPT button.

  • The more industry is associated with discounts, special offers, price slashing, special sales and cuttings, the higher is the level of subscription. On one condition: the offer must be limited. So that the time you learn about the action mattered for your chance to take advantage of the promotion. It works like a hell!

An good on us, that’s what the Notifications are for – to be up to date. Have more questions, let me know to see more samples, as far as possible (due to the confidentiality of data). Here is an example of the campaign with about 750 user traffic. On average 140 per daily. The subscription at 18.6%. Is it much in your opinion?

subscription rate

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