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At fall, we made some tiding. We received several dozens of remarks and hints from you. Each of them was meticulously analyzed. Part of them had to wait for confirmation from a larger group of users. An here we are. Dashboard of the new shape. Thank you for your remarks – it is for your comfort we make the application. Presented below are some selected changes. Unfortunately, not all could be deployed because of our development concept of PushAd – more on that in a few weeks.

New, more intuitive menu

We stand for perfect solutions and looks we are half way there:). We introduced the principle from generals to details. Such is the way the project and sub-project summaries work. From the menu, you can also add a new sub-project, get into its summary, the campaigns, subscribers and settings. Get testing, we wait for your opinions.

new dashboard pushad

Graphical visualization of the typical notification time

Select the best time to send the notification to the particular kind of users. The graph presents the times of greatest frequency of clicking. Individual projects marked with different colours, allow easily determination the dominant of clicks for the project and compare it with the remaining projects.

the best time to send notification

Delayed sending time

We select the most efficient time for sending. Create the notification substance, select the sending time and rest in peace. PushAd takes care of it. Due to the delayed sending, application takes care to deliver the notification in pre-set time. If you run a business with an access to the international users from different time zones – you do not have to create different mailings for different time zones. Statistics and sending use the local time of the recipient.

deferred shipping notification

Notification lists with summaries

Lists of saved and sent notification are visible in the project and sub-project in the “Campaigns” Tab. Each notification has its own list containing the main information such as title, content, date of creation, basic statistics, and the image used in it. It enables visual distinguishing the messages. The notification context menu enables easily copying and editing of the selected notifications, instead of creating them from scratch. Older lists and unused notifications can be minimized.


The possibility of targeting the with geolocation

Each subscriber receives the tag of his geolocation. You can create user segments, taking into account their location and send notifications to the users of specified city, state or country. Especially useful for organizations with dispersed sales network, who organize the local promotions.

sending notification by geolocalization

Timely schedule of the traffic

Concluding, we present three most effective campaigns with graphic visualization of the clicks distribution for the first 24 hours since sending. It allows effectively compare the best campaigns and find the important answer – why? We advise how to tag and how to build sections to quickly find the answer to this question.

We are only at the beginning of the way, know our place in line and above all, listen to our customers. If you’re missing some functionality in PushAd or have an idea for interesting application, please write us. You may count on a nice present.

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