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Notifications – substantial changes in iOS 10

It is known long, the notifications revolutionized the mobile applications. More and more companies use them to draw users. It is not that application had the feature of notification on events such as new mail, Social Media Online message, the new order in online shop.

Notifications are used increasingly to make you look again. Why – because the user not using the application because he doesn’t know how, simply forgets about it? That’s it. And here “tapping” on the phone or tablet screen makes a difference. Of course, the notification alone does little to attract the user’s attention. Without good UX and offered functionalities there is no success. However without the user’s attention – result is the same.

Apple sticks to her long-time strategy to perfect already working concepts. And good on them. Due to such attitude, we enjoy substantial changes in notification capabilities, including IOS 10.

We lived to the possibility of placing photos and gifs in notifications. The photo may be loaded from application source or URL address. Photo is loaded first. Application is displayed next. The sequence is not random.

OMG ! Video…? Yes, that’s it. The 50 MB Video may be placed in notification. Much – not much, the thing is it is possible. We can expect the format will be heavily exploited by Social Media.

Notifications can be interactive and contain clickable buttons or other elements of a typical UI. Application is opened with notification button, it was already possible in previous versions, but now it is simpler and does not require left-swipe in notification. Little thing, much to be done.

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