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When is it time to switch the Marketing Automation platform? 3 signs

Marketing Automation gives great opportunities, supporting both marketing and sales departments. This is a powerful tool that allows you to create advanced advertising campaigns and automate the most important sales processes. However, sometimes it turns out that Marketing Automation systems do not fulfil their purpose, limiting the possibility of creating effective marketing activities. When is it worth changing your marketing automation tool?

  1.     Excessively simple system

Without knowing the possibilities and potential of Marketing Automation tools, we can choose a simple solution that does not require too much expertise and experience from marketers. This is a big mistake because each successive campaign should be optimised based on historical events. Over time, it may turn out that basic functions are insufficient. Sending mass messages to recipients is not the essence of Marketing Automation. When becoming acquainted with marketing automation platforms, we need more advanced functionalities. Crucial aspects to achieve satisfactory sales targets include macro-segmentation and micro-segmentation of the audience base, as well as customised advertising messages sent to the target group. In order to create more effective campaigns, all user experiences, i.e. Customer Experience Management requires perfectly designed actions and a multi-sided approach. If the Marketing Automation platform makes it impossible to perform more advanced activities, it is better to consider switching it.

  1.     Limited platform capabilities

Sometimes when implementing planned marketing activities, we expect to see quick results and hence take some shortcuts. However, in fact, this is a process that requires a suitable approach. When choosing the Marketing Automation tool, we are guided by simple use and are happy with basic features. Unfortunately, over time, restrictions on the platform functionality do not bring the expected results. To run an effective advertising campaign, we need a large set of data and as much information as possible on behaviour of the audience and their actions. Limitations of some low-tech platforms lead to excessively superficial analysis. The Marketing Automation tool should take into account real-time interactions, the ability to perform advanced analysis, or historical actions taken by the audience that give the opportunity to optimise future campaigns, taking into account the needs and expectations of potential customers. It is equally important to be able to integrate with other platforms used which give us even more data regarding customers. Marketing Automation systems should make it possible to create effective campaigns by communicating with the audience via email, push advertising, or relying on remarketing.

  1.     Non-intuitive platform

The investment in marketing automation tools is aimed at increasing the performance and occupancy of the marketing department. Manual performance of actions can be too labour- and time-consuming, as well as inefficient. A media planner, marketer, or seller should have no problem handling the tool. When you deploy a marketing automation system and create your first campaigns, you should take the time to set up and explore the platform. The process may seem labour intensive, but it will pay off in the future. Subsequent marketing activities using Marketing Automation should not require the marketer to go through the same steps and repeat the tasks. The Marketing Automation tool should be intuitive and give you the opportunity to create campaigns in a simple way.

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