What to do when web push notifications don’t work on my website?

What to do when web push notifications don’t work on my website?

Web push notifications allow websites and online shops for sending notifications about current offering, special offers, as well as content that could be of interest to a target group. However, these are not the only circumstances web push can be applied in. It happens that web push notifications don’t work if they are incorrectly configured. What to do in such a situation and how to use the potential of web push notifications?

What do notifications look like?

At first, it’s worth emphasising that web push communications differ depending on the browser used. In this case everything depends on our settings. Notifications feature fixed elements, i.e. title, graphics, main content and link to the website. In Mozilla Firefox communications are slightly smaller than in Google Chrome. Moreover, the latter allows for using additional functions. One of them is rich push, namely optional larger graphics where one can place additional content or image to draw more attention. In addition, it is possible to include two alternative links redirecting to the promoted website (Call To Action), which gets the user engaged even more.

Principle of web push notifications

Web push notifications are served by a browser used by the user. PushAd covers with its reach more than 74% of internet users in Poland, cooperating with Chrome, Firefox and Safari on desktops and Android mobile devices. Correctly configured campaigns using web push will be immediately delivered to the recipient. This gives a chance to react to user behaviour on the website, increasing the chance for campaign success (real time).
You don’t have to worry about cookies or any spam filters or adblockers. For web push you don’t need an email address or any other data, so it’s not necessary to undertake additional formal actions, such as registration of subscribers’ base at Personal Data Protection Office.
It happens that we’re planning a marketing campaign in detail, but it turns out that web push notifications fail to work. This usually results from their faulty configuration.

Why don’t web push notifications work and how to launch them?

Problems with notifications usually have nothing to do with the very tool. Web push notifications generally don’t work because of wrong configuration. How to integrate notifications correctly? At PushAd it’s enough to create an account, give an email address, phone number and company name. A natural person also can have an account. While logging in for the first time you will be directed to project settings.
Integration is a bit different for websites using http and https protocols. In the former case, you need to set a subdomain where notifications will be sent from, e.g. myshop, which will be maintained within the push-ad.com domain. Push notifications won’t work if the subdomain name includes dots! The next step involves copying a code available in the tab “integration code”. It needs to be pasted into the HEAD section at html of your website or in Google Tag Manager. We check integration correctness by pressing a special button.
The https solution can be used at deeper integration when a website gives such a possibility. From the “integration code” tab, besides the integration code, download and copy two files to the main catalogue on your server. Then the user record is faster and only your webpage address is visible when sending notifications.
Remember that if you have any problems, the PushAd team will help you configure the account and notifications!


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