Push messages – how to use them creatively?

Push messages – how to use them creatively?

Web push messages are a relatively young communication channel. Sometimes they are compared to newsletters; however, push notifications have an undisputed advantage – they can engage users in real time. Besides recovering abandoned carts or increasing website traffic they can be used in a more creative way. Here’s how:


Cross-selling is a very popular technique relying on related sales. A customer who has purchased a specific product or service is offered complementary goods, namely additional, supplementary ones. This is an exceptionally effective method owing to an “open wallet” of the customer who is prone to buy products matching the already purchased one. At the same time some special offer may be applied, such as free shipping above a given amount spent.
How to use push messages in this case? Persons who have purchased a given product, e.g. a necklace, will receive a notification promoting earrings from the same collection. It would be good to include extra information in the communication – sort of incentive, e.g. “Choose one more product and get free delivery!”.

Live emotions

Web push messages work well in every sector where the objective is to sell or increase traffic on a blog or webpage. The same is true for sports industry. For example, a real football fan wants to always stay informed – read news, watch games, follow footballers’ lives or bet on scores. Sports is an extremely exciting sector, so campaigns should be created bearing this in mind. Web push messages will perform well during live game transmissions. Perhaps a user is searching for streaming on websites and when receiving a web push at a relevant time will eagerly enter a target website?
Web push notifications are frequently used by bookmakers who encourage to bet on game scores just before it starts.

Even better customer service

Websites and online stores should consider in their strategies not only relevant pre-sales, but also after-sales service. It’s much more difficult to keep a customer than acquire one. Satisfaction surveys will help us identify reasons for customer dissatisfaction and get a chance to remedy bad impression before they go to competitors. Automatic push messages are worth using after every single transaction. This can be a notification sent after a few days with an option of assessing the buying process. When clicking such a push notification, the user will be redirected to a survey which will help us get to the core of the problem. The user satisfied with shopping will have an opportunity to express their opinion, while a disappointed one will be able to present their problem.

Push notifications and geolocation

Undoubtedly push messages are a great advertising tool. The key to success is not only gathering relevant data, but also a good idea for their use. The aim is to reach the recipient and react to their needs quickly. Some customers prefer brick-and-mortar shopping after becoming acquainted with the online store offering. This is particularly visible in the clothing industry, where a consumer wants to see a product, try it on and evaluate its quality. It’s worth to use this fact and send push notifications when a potential client is near a brick-and-mortar store. Geolocation marketing is able to do so. Owing to GPS and IP addresses it uses data on location of potential customers. When we have detailed data on recipients’ interests and needs, we can move one step further and send messages with information on size availability. However, it should be noted that geolocation marketing relies primarily on sending text or picture messages. It is also possible to use push notifications in an application, but only if we have our own that clients use. These communication channels are not handled by PushAd, specialising exclusively in web push notifications.


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