5 mistakes when running a push campaign

5 mistakes when running a push campaign

Web pushes are next generation notifications for wide range applications. Although there are multiple assets, it’s worth remembering the most frequently committed mistakes that can have a negative impact on our results. What to avoid?

1) Lack of customer segmentation

One of the basic mistakes is lack of communication customisation. Notifications should be directed to a specific segment of customers, in line with their interests and needs. Many factors and information about users should be taken into consideration, such as history of viewed pages or information entered into the website search engine or filters used, because some products and services are targeted at a narrow group. Correct segmentation will let us achieve better conversion rates and prevent sending unwanted information to all users.

2) Too many messages

How many notifications should be sent during a day? There’s no golden mean. The best solution is to imagine you’re a recipient of a given medium and think how many communications you would like to receive. A few times a day in the event of promoting new clothing collection? It’s difficult to imagine such a situation. However, in sports industry the frequency of this kind is justifiable. A football fan will not get irritated when we send them information from a live game, or a goal scored. Don’t forget that despite better recipients’ tolerance towards web push than newsletters, we can still lose users if they are flooded with excessive amount of information.

3) Irrelevant messages

Imagine that we’re users who are viewing an online store for the first time and opt in for receiving notifications. We’re looking for a wedding outfit, but we don’t have time for browsing the entire offer, so we close the page. After a couple of hours, we receive a message on discounts for the whole collection. Encouraging? Not necessarily. Notifications should contain customised offer, so that we feel that the message is directed only to us. In this case a higher conversion will be reported for the following communication: “Looking for a perfect wedding suit? Check what we’ve prepared for you!” A merger of relevant segmentation and suitable communication is crucial. Raw information won’t work, it should be intriguing and catchy. Moreover, a Call to Action (“See”, “Click”, “Check”) is a very good practice.

4) Lack of analytics

The tool based on PushAds technology gives great opportunities of communication with potential customers. But it’s not all. Each campaign should be analysed in terms of effectiveness. What should be measured? First of all, conversion, number of clicks or best reaction time. The time of user’s absence on our website should be also taken into account. If we care about returning traffic, then it’s worth sending messages encouraging a potential customer to come back, tempting them e.g. with a discount or interesting blog entry. Conclusions should be drawn from every campaign, so that not to commit the same mistake which will make the next campaign ineffective for the same reason.

5) Unsuitable time of the day

Good timing is very important when creating a campaign and the same is true for web push ads notifications. Even customised and engaging communications won’t be effective if they reach users at the wrong time. When targeting a sales campaign to professionally active women aged 25-35 years, it’s better to choose evening hours. On the other hand, even 8am-9am gives a higher chance for having a new blog entry regarding marketing tools read by a working marketer than an evening time. Everything depends on recipients’ needs and interests.


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Web pushes are next generation notifications for wide range applications. Although there are multiple assets, it’s worth remembering the most frequently committed mistakes that can have a negative impact on...

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