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Web push notifications in figures

Push notifications are a breakthrough solution in online marketing. Their main advantage is a possibility of making immediate contact with a user – it’s enough to have them confirm opting in for getting communications. What rates are generated by web push notifications? A CTR is one of the most reliable rates which determines the campaign success. Here are key statistics!

Web push notifications vs newsletter

Web push messages significantly shorten a way that a user needs to follow to receive interesting information. For traditional newsletters, one should enter their email address in a relevant field and confirm subscription from the message received. Web push notifications allow for doing it in just few seconds, without leaving a website.
Email boxes are flooded with spam and our newsletter can get lost amongst other emails. The most recent statistics demonstrate that an average CTR for newsletter in Poland is slightly above 4%. Unsurprisingly, web push notifications have quickly dominated this form, reaching much higher efficiency rates. The quoted rate is significantly exceeded by web push notifications. A CTR from delivered messages stands at about 21.8%!

Impulse buying

What products are most eagerly purchased online? It turns out that clothing and accessories (64% of respondents). The least popular services are those related to travelling (e.g. insurance). While the research shows that 37% of online users plan to buy services, this doesn’t overlap with their real choices. It appears that buying decisions in the clothing sector are made spontaneously. More than 29% of users are involved in impulse buying on the web. The data can be easily used when planning communications with the use of web push notifications. The CTR can be even higher, which would allow to attract potential customers with special offers and discounts (obviously adjusted to their interests).

Recovery of abandoned carts

Implementation of web push messages on one’s website or online shop facilitates simple subscribers’ segmentation, but it is also possible to create segments based on behaviours, visited URLs and geolocation. This results in increased website traffic, better brand recognition and obviously generates sales. Abandoned carts are nightmare of virtually all e-stores. Currently, the abandonment rate amounts to around 70%!
Statistically web push notifications are marked with up to 10 times higher conversion than from other sources. Their power lies in quick reaction to website user behaviours. It’s worth sending a potential client a notification with an extra benefit – 6.1% of web push notifications featuring a link to the abandoned cart and a discount voucher end up with a purchase.
If the user clicks the “I buy” button, they should have a thank-you-page displayed after the purchase. Web push notifications monitor the stages of the website visit. If a potential client hasn’t viewed the thank-you-page, it’s good to mark him as “abandoning” and send relevant information after they have left the page. We should also bear in mind that a user knows the mechanism and may deliberately abandon cart expecting an additional discount. Obviously not every notification has to feature a dedicated reduction. In the event of new clients, it can only remind of the abandoned cart, while discount codes can be granted to loyal customers who are a real asset to every store. In order to do so you can naturally use web push notifications, ensuring even better after-sales service.

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